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   If you want a really laid back, sweet, and calm bunny...the Havana Rabbit is the one for you!
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emily hassall - 2006-05-04
my havana rabbit is black,sweet and very is the best pet i have ever had!

Rebekah - 2006-03-28
I had a havana for nearly 8 years before she passed away. I miss my Pepper so much. They really are the best pet you could possibly have. It was a wonderful privilege to be with my Peppy and she is very much missed.

Briel - 2006-03-14
I have a Havana who will be 4 on April 1st. and she is the funnest rabbit in the world! shes my baby girl. She is very protective of the various rugs lying around my house, and can and will chase down anyone who steps on them. She dislikes being held by anyone but me. i am the only one (this makes me feel super special!). i Love my Coco bean!

Stacey - 2006-01-11
I have had a havana doe for 5 years and it is my favourite breed. It is the best rabbit to own as they are very friendly towards people.

rachrell - 2005-12-01
i have a rabbit and this web site told me everthing

Tonya - 2005-10-25
I have a black doe. im not sure if i want to breed or show her. i think i might breed her and then show her, because there's no rabbit shows around my parts.

no tell - 2005-10-12
your rabbits are very nice looking i adore them

Sarah - 2005-09-10
I have a Rabbit his name is Cadberry. He looks exactly like a brown Havana breed. The scary part is, his dad is a black Dutch and his mom is a Mini Rex. I think I bred a Havana!

aran - 2005-08-22
We have two and are very pleased with their temperment and their size. They are very friendly, not shy at all, and don't seem to have the attitude that our Hollands and Dwarfs get. We are looking forward to breeding them in the coming year.
Aran, Wood County, WV

Bailey Futterknecht - 2005-07-10
These rabbits are easy to get hooked onto and are simple in their needs. Many people fall in love with the beauty of the fur and the color of the rabbit. The Havana was my first rabbit and is my favorite out of all 45 breeds, although they do get a little on the "heavy" side, they don't eat much and love people.