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   If you want a really laid back, sweet, and calm bunny...the Havana Rabbit is the one for you!
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Lindsey - 2011-01-10
I adopted a rabbit from a shelter and I've been trying to figure out what breed he is. He's about 3 months old. From the pictures and description on this page, I suspect he may be a Havana.... though it's still hard to know for sure! Here's a pic of him. What do you guys think?

Meena Fech - 2010-11-12
I need a new wabbit. My havana wabbit is nice 2 me, but growls at my family members.

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  • Barry - 2010-12-14
    I breed havanas and they will act in this manner if they are nervous and don't know someones scent. There's nothing unusual about this.
Anonymous - 2009-10-23
I currently have a havana. Though we can't tell the gender, we are sure she is female. I absolutely love her, but about five days ago something made her scream in the middle of the night. We suspect a spider. She is now paralyzed in her back side. Even though I don't know how much longer she'll live, I love her every day.

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  • Brian - 2010-02-26
    Hello, not scared by a spider, I think she may have broken her back. It is common with the breed. Mostly happens when they move too quickly the wrong way, flips and makes a bad twist.
  • Jesus freak - 2010-08-10
    I am so sorry about your bunny...... I hope you know though that if your bunny did pass away she is in a better place now... Jesus loves you and your sweet bunny!
  • Violet - 2010-08-29
    How terrible!!!
    I hope god blesses you and heals your Havana of her injury.
Barbara - 2010-05-20
We have a dog, a cat, and a Havana rabbit. I am not one to really get into bunnies, but I must say this rabbit is so sweet..everything on this page is true. However, he is also very smart. We can let him go and he won't stray. He loves us and stays with us. We have already had him for 1 1/2/ years. He has never tried to bite or kick or run away from us. His name is Mocha because he is a mocha color. Havanas are great pets for large families.

Nakia - 2010-03-11
I have a Havana Rabbit. I'm younger, and needed a nice, sweet rabbit to start out with. Yesterday, my friends mom brought a box home and it had two Havanas in it. I got first pick, and picked out a black one with brown eyes. I havent named him yet, but he's very sweet. He had been in a house fire, and the lady who gave them to my friends mom said her daughter didn't want them anymore. (And i have no idea why she didn't) Havanas are very sweet and loving. I love them to death now!

tamlyn - 2010-03-11
i have a havanna rabbit, mojo. he was a gift from my boyfriend.i love him to death. i can recommend this loving animal to anyone

Hoppity Hop - 2010-02-22
Hello, I have a bunny and I'm not totally sure if she is a Havana. She is black, and looks and acts like a Havana, but her weight seems a bit under. She is around only 4 pounds, but I can guarantee she is a Havana. Skittles, her name, is very playful. We put toys in her cage and you will hear her all night playing :) She has a laid back kind of personality but is VERY curious. She will even go by our cats and they are scared of her! Also, Skittles will bite anything she can come across. One time, she ripped a hole in my new leather purse!

Dean - 2009-03-29
Hi. I am a young rabbit owner and I have a Havana rabbit. She is about a year and I love her. I have never been bitten. Her name is RoseBud. She is a very dark black. She is so relaxed and very lovable. I recommend it to any beginning owner.:]

**bunny lover** - 2009-01-02
I have 2 havanas one black and one like a dark chocolate color, they are the sweetest things ever! Everyday my mom gives them treats and now they know, so when we go downstairs they come up to the door trying to nudge it open and if we walk upstairs without giving them something they will thump their feet showing us they're angry. My bunnies love the toys that make noise, their favorite is a big ball with a bell in the middle. They pick it up and toss it down or to me if I'm with them. I have had them for over a year and I have only been bitten once because one of them got scared while I was holding him. One decision I will NEVER regret is getting my little fluff balls! :P

myfoot - 2008-11-13
Alice is a sweet black havanna with beautiful soft fur. She's so much more laid back than the florida white I had in the past. Our personalities really match. She loves to play and is really affectionate.