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   The Dwarf Hotot rabbit can be quite entertaining, they are charming and playful with people and they love to play with simple toys!
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becah - 2011-08-07
I love my dwarf hotot bunny, every time I come home from work she's up front paws on the top of the cage waiting for me to come pet her :) it didn't take her long either to learn her name either :) She's very hyper though, she doesn't like to be held either, shes more of a free goer :)

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-08-08
    Then you can just watch while she amuses you.
Bridgette - 2012-05-25
I got my dwarf hotot day before's still scared of me holding her or he. I don't know genre it is because its only like 2-3 weeks old....its hard to tell. I'm just wondering maybe what I could do to make her not be scared....I'm wondering if you guys can give me a little more advice. Please and thank you :)

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-05-26
    Rather than PICK him/her up, sit down on the floor with a towel in your lap. The towell provides a smoothe surface and just in case the bunny goes potty. So sit on the floor with the towel in your lap and bring the bunny toward you and let her be in your lap. A nice little treat would help also. The bunny is scared right now and will get used to you.
D - 2012-01-18
If anyone is in NC the SPCA has 3 Hotot rabbits in need of adoption.

Lorrie - 2010-06-25
I'm going to get a dwarf hotot rabbit too! Its going to be fun and awesome. Why wouldn't anyone want one, they are TOO cute! I'm getting mine in 4 weeks (They were just born)=:-P

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-06-14
    Congratulations and have fun.  Get everything set up - including the litter - before you bring your little guy home.  Put his safe place and litter in a small room such as laundry room or bathroom or section off area in kitchen until you know it is litter trained
Riley Reuter - 2012-03-25
Can hotots stay outside in the winter?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-03-25
    No - they don't do well in cooler temperatures. Now if you live in Southern Florida and it stays above 65 degrees you'd probably be OK as long as they have shelter but otherwise no. Most bunnies do not do well in colder temperatures.
TK - 2011-01-10
I adopted a dwarf hotot last night and am already in adoration of the little lady. Though she came with the name of Duchess I will be changing it to something less bourgeois (perhaps Eva or Bette?). She is sitting in my lap right now being calm despite the fact my dog is sitting 2 feet away. I am thrilled to have added her to the herd. :)

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-06-14
    AHH  congratulations and enjoy.
mya - 2010-03-09
awwwwww so cute

fishface - 2010-05-04
Can hotots live outside are they tough enough?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-05-11
    No they can live outside if the temperature is year round moderate but they don't handle cold or extreme heat.
alina - 2010-10-08
I'm interested in a netherland dwarf or dwarf hotot bunnies, but I haven't been successful in finding any around my area (dallas, tx) ... can anyone give me suggestions where they might have these bunnies?

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  • stacie - 2010-10-10
    Saw a listing on craiglist in Tyler today.
  • Devon - 2010-10-12
    We just bought one Sunday from Pet City in Houston Tx for $35
Lauran - 2011-06-03
I love my bunny! He is almost two and is the best animal I could ever ask for. When someone walks into the room he's right there to say hello. He licks everyone and when he was a baby he took naps with me. This is not an animal for a little kid, because how loud kids are. France, my bunny loves quiet. This breed is very smart too. When France wants a treat he knows he has to get on his back legs in order to get it and when he wants one he will go up to you and beg for one. He loves me, his owner, his cage and he loves the rest of my family. He is the sunshine of my day. I waited 13 years to get a bunny and he is the nicest, cutest, best bunny. If I were to get another rabbit, it would definately be another, Dwarf Ho-tot, boy.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-06-04
    I am glad you are so happy. Your little guy sounds wonderful.
  • Amber - 2011-08-20
    My rabbit's the same way! I love him so much!
  • olivia - 2012-04-12
    its so cute