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   Dutch Rabbits are small colorful bunnies with a great disposition. They are an excellent pet choice for children and make a great first bunny!
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jessica freeman - 2006-10-26
We just have a little cute rabbit, it's so wonderful. his name is Catebury and i have so much fun with him.

Christopher Bordonaro - 2006-10-10
I have a male dutch rabbit. He is about 3 pounds right now and probably won't get much larger. I am trying to find someone to breed him with but I don't have a female yet. I might breed him with a himilayan or a harlyquin. I have 15 rabbits now. I have 3 netherland dwarves, 1 flemish Giant, 2 mini lops, 2 harlyquins, 2 himilayans, and 4 mini rex rabbits. I am in the process of breeding the pairs and so far 3 of my rabbits are pregnant. I also have goats, ducks, hamsters, rats, turtles, and snakes. I am trying to breed all of them but I don't have mates for my rat, turtle, snake, dutch rabbit, and my flemish giant. I need to know if anyone has any animals for these that I mentioned. I also need feed for them at cheap prices. I am buying them from a feed store and they can be pricey. My e-mail address is :
Contact me if you can help. Thanks.

Cassidy - 2006-08-30
A Year and a half ago I got a dutch bunny. I named her Harmony. She lives outside in the hutch I made her. She is brown and white. She likes to come inside and play with our cat's toys in the kitchen. When she's tired she will jump on the couch with me. My dog acts like a mother to her. I love dutch bunnies!

christina - 2006-08-17
My name is Christina. I adopted a black and white female Dutch Rabbit from our local SPCA a week ago, her name is Princess Raven. She is so much fun! My children adore her, she is their first pet. I would have never thought a rabbit could be so loving and fun to have. She loves to play hide and seek and she loves to race with the kids. She has turned my den into an obstical course. That's Ok, whatever makes her happy and she does her binkies at the end of all of her laps. She comes to me for cuddle and rest time, my kids for fun and games and my husband...well she scares him. I think she gets a kick out of that. She is truly a joy to have. We love her so much.

Allison - 2006-07-29
I have a Dutch bunny that we got from a friend of ours. She is named Oreo, not the most original name, I know. She was about 4 when we got her and is now about 10 years old! She is the cutest, sweetest rabbit ever. She likes me the best out of my family and if we are all sitting on the ground she will find me and hop into my lap. I love her so much! I am thinking of getting a baby dutch soon, too, but I still have to deal with my parents. I hope you all like your Dutch bunnies as much as I do!

trisha - 2006-07-19
Hi! I just love my dutch rabbits Mary, Margeret, and Ruthy. They are so cute and I am learning lots! I've had them for 2 or so years. I am learning new things I never knew about them before. Thank-you for having so much info. It will be so helpful.:}

Lu Lu - 2006-07-02
I am really excited after reading all of these comments because tomorrow, I am getting my first dutch rabbit! I can't wait to join in all the bunny stories! Thanks for all your comments because this will make me a better pet owner!

ashley - 2006-07-02
I love my Dutch bunny. I am A bunny lover and my bunny's name is oreo. they are great pets.

nicole - 2006-06-30
I have two Bunnies. Their names are Snowball and Cutie and they are white and brown. they are good friends and both girls. snow is fuzzier than cutie. they hop around a lot.

Kodie - 2006-06-12
I have a 2 1/2 year old rabbit named Framson. i know its a stupid name, but its the first one that popped into my head. he doesnt have the full stripe around his back, its just on his left arm. it kind of looks like a cast. he is so timid, i love him soo much!