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   Dutch Rabbits are small colorful bunnies with a great disposition. They are an excellent pet choice for children and make a great first bunny!
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Mallory&Courtney - 2007-03-18
Hi my name is Mallory. my sister Courtney has a dutch rabbit, her name is Chakita she is on her 3rd litter of babies. The babies are so cute and well. Chakita has been bred with Froto, a Black dutch rabbit at my sister Courtney's school the last 2 times and it wasnt a very good sucess. Well this time we bred Chakita with Frotos brother Froot-Loop and well it was a sucess, she now has 3 babies. We are celebrating Chakitas birthday in April the same month of Courtney's. The babies were born on Friday night March 13 2007 and my bithday is March 23. well im glad that the babies are all healthy and they are so cute. Thanks for listening!
Mallory & Courthey Carter of Riverview, Florida

Emma Chapman - 2007-03-15
Hi my name is emma. i have two dutch rabbits one is brown and white and the other is black and white. The brown one is called penny she's mine the other is called pidge he's my brothers. Penny lets you pick her up and will lie with her back on my knee, once she even fell asleep. We have made a huge run for them so they can have a big run round whenever they want! Once when i let them out to have a run around they came into the house. After 3 hours of trying to find them i found them lying underneath a radiator asleep! [how cute is that ] i would hugely recommend them to children aged 9+ because theyre so easy to look after

Alisha - 2007-03-09
Hey! My name is.. Alisha Im fourteen and My mom and I found one of these rabbits on the side of the road, real scared. We brought it home and now we're taking good care of it, The only problem is that its tame and so friendly so we think it belongs to someone else and now, I dont wanna give it up! But I know I have to. :(

terri - 2007-02-22
Hi, I have a little boy named Chilli, he is the most beautiful baby, he is almost 3 years old, and today he had a vasectomy. :-(

He is so loving and he loves when I get home every day to run and jump up on my bed and have me rub his head for him. I love him like crazy. My Lil Chilli is dark gray and white, he loves to play with my cat Norman. :)

jessica - 2007-02-20
i have a little male blue dutch bunny. his name is maggie and he is the sweetest animal i have ever seen. he lays on his back in my arms like a baby. he has brightened up my life for a year now. he is a year old and celebrated his birthday with yogury treats. i love him.

Giannone - 2007-02-18
Hello, Our Dutch is a brown female named Fluffy. She is three and a half and has been a pleasure since the first day we bought her. She is litter trained and lives in our garage. Fluffy also spends a lot of time roaming our yard without a fence to stop her. The only thing we have to worry about are the predators that may harm her.

She is playful and responds to commands as well as most cats. I would recommend a Dutch to anyone.

Mary - 2007-01-27
I have two dutch rabbits one of each sex. my girls name is candice and she is sandy tan with the white stripe up her nose area. she is 7 months old. my male is dark brown on the back end, face, and ears with white mid area. his name is Bailey and he is 4, maybe five months old. they are the sweetest bunnies every.

Rachel - 2007-01-15
I have a black and white male dutch bunny that I am going to breed soon. He is sitting in my arms now and he is the sweetest little boy you'll ever meet.

jessica - 2007-01-08
I have two pet bunnies.

One is a dutch and his name is richie but i dont know how old he is.

The other one is a wild bunny.

His name is ..

well he doesnt have a name yet.



KHADIJA - 2006-12-29
HI, i just purchased a white dutch rabbit with shaded black ears. We named her kaargorsh its means rabbits, But im gonna call her gorshi. im a little nervious, I dont know really what to do. im reading everything i can on rabbits and the care i can give them. IM a big cat lover but living in the big city now, to me it just seems cruel in an apartment, plus I have a kid that might eat the kitty litter, never know. anyway thanks for your comments, really gave me a great idea of what is to come.. :D