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   Dutch Rabbits are small colorful bunnies with a great disposition. They are an excellent pet choice for children and make a great first bunny!
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janell middaugh - 2007-06-17
I've always had alot of animals in my life time, but never a bunny. Didn't think they would be a good pet. Then one day where I work, my boss raises rabbits, and I started falling in love with her dutch bunnies. I have two now, a male{steal}who turned one on 3/26/07, and his sister{steal}who was borned on 2/16/07. They are both litter box trained, and I keep them in my house. I have a small dog, and they both love to play with her. Had my male fixed, so there's no accidents!! Lilly, when she reaches the right age, i'd like to have her bred just one time. She has one blue eye, and one brown eye. So that really makes her special. They are wonderful companions and i'd recommend them all the way for anyone. I'm 51 years old, and they make great house pets for me. By the way my males name is Wizzer.

debbie - 2007-06-16
I've got a Dutch Rabbit called Schmichael. He is is a house rabbit and has the complete run of the house. He isn't at all destructive and is the most friendly bunny ever. He follows me everywhere and I have to be careful not to step back as he is always just a few inches behind me! He came to live with me almost two years ago when his previous owners decided they could no longer care for him. He is such good company!

JAK - 2007-05-27
i got a dwarf rabbit the other day. he is a very happy rabbit and very curious. he likes it when i hold him and is not scared of me. he also likes me hand feeding him.

Anonymous - 2007-05-14
Hi, I have a Dutch Rabbit, I got for FFA. She is so energetic! She likes to run around the house and play with the dog. I got her a ball she can fit in and she runs around in it (sometimes). Her name is star and she is tan and white! She is a very pretty rabbit. She is purebred and I really want to breed her, but I'm not sure she is old enough.

Reba/Mahriah - 2007-05-10
My best Friends breeds dutches they are so sweet and beautiful! I absoulutely love her adult doe Thumper, she is a sweet black dutch doe. I finally talked my landlord into letting me get a rabbit. So i am getting one of hers as soon as they are born and ready to leave Thumper. DUTCHES RULE!

Tasha - 2007-05-05
I had an agouti dutch rabbit called Miffy. I got him on my 12th birthday (September). He was so tame and sweet, and would lay next to me for hours. He loved to be fussed, and was just the perfect pet! Sadly, in April of the next year, he had to be put down. He had an abscess caused by Pastuerella, and it was rooted in his lungs and hearts :(

He was lovely, and although we had him for less than a year, he made a big impact in my family. I'm 14 now, almost 15, and have a black dutch called Pepsi, and he is similar in personality to Miffy, although he loves to pull on my clothing!

I'd recommend a dutch to anyone, they're lovely rabbits and have great characters.

Anonymous - 2007-05-02
Hi, I have a dutch rabbit and she just recently turned 2! Her name is Noo-Noo - because she is so adorable. She is white and grey and has beautiful blue eyes....dutch rabbits are so cute and very friendly.

jessica - 2007-04-19
i just got a dutch rabbit yesterday. i got it at the pet store and it was only 7 weeks old. the rabbit is just so friendly. when i did get the rabbit it was going to become an outdoor rabbit at some time, but then my mom said that if it only gets to be really small then we can keep it inside and have it as an indoor rabbit. then at some point get an outdoor rabbit to put outside in my cage that i have in my backyard to give my other rabbit outside some company. i named my rabbit butterscotch because around its neck it is white and the rest of the body is brown and it is really cute and stuff.

Hannah - 2007-04-09
Ive had a rabbit named Oreo, a black and white dutch rabbit, outside for 10 years. We used to let him run the yard at times, and one time a cat scratch him. Infected him and He sadly died. HE had a rather LARGE cage, and I am sad to admit I took ill care to him at times, but to push that oit of the way he was a very happy rabbit and enjoyed his life.

Now I have a Holland Lop, Named Jessa. she is one of the sweetest old rabbits ever, She will fall asleep on her back in your arms or in the legs. She loves attention from people, I keep her in my room and She is to young to litter box train yet.

Jessa and Oreo were two totally diffrent rabbits in the first place, and got treated diffrently in some ways. I say, Don't go out looking for a rabbit, let it find you... and don't get it from big pet stores such as PETCO or PETSMART.

Mallory&Courtney - 2007-03-18
Hi my name is Mallory. my sister Courtney has a dutch rabbit, her name is Chakita she is on her 3rd litter of babies. The babies are so cute and well. Chakita has been bred with Froto, a Black dutch rabbit at my sister Courtney's school the last 2 times and it wasnt a very good sucess. Well this time we bred Chakita with Frotos brother Froot-Loop and well it was a sucess, she now has 3 babies. We are celebrating Chakitas birthday in April the same month of Courtney's. The babies were born on Friday night March 13 2007 and my bithday is March 23. well im glad that the babies are all healthy and they are so cute. Thanks for listening!
Mallory & Courthey Carter of Riverview, Florida