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   Dutch Rabbits are small colorful bunnies with a great disposition. They are an excellent pet choice for children and make a great first bunny!
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Miguel - 2008-11-10
I've had a dutch rabbit for 7 years and it died just recently. I am so sad about it, he was a wonderful rabbit, my best friend, he was always so friendly and loving. He was black with a white stripe, brown eyes, so beautiful and behaved like a little dog, so clever.

Recently he couldn't eat anymore all of a sudden, and even though I brought him to the vet and gave him medication, he still died. It's so sad I couldn't save him, even worse that I didn't have anywhere to bury him. The vet didn't know what exactly was wrong with him. I will always keep only good memories of this wonderful friend and I hope to one day see him in heaven. Till then I will remember him with photos and videos and will never forget all the fun and wondeful moments I've had with him.

I could never replace him and getting another rabbit would just bring tears to my eyes again.

I love Zorro! - 2008-10-07
I have a Dutch rabbit named Zorro. He is wonderful! He seems to have bonded with me and loves when I talk to him. He comes to me if something frightens him. He likes to hop in my lap. When I first got him I really was not certain what to expect as I had never had a rabbit before. He is cute as can be. I have had him for 4 years now. He is friendly and litter box trained.

Adorable little fellow! I did social work for several years and would bring him with me. He has been well loved! Now he is retired :)

Clare - 2008-08-18
I had to comment due to the fact that there was another 22-year old Clare with a love of her Dutch bunnies (see entry below mine). Crazy.

I've had a couple rabbits, but my most recent, who passed away at age 8, Lilly, a tortise colored Dutch was the most darling. Many think that rabbits are anti-social or too high-strung to be truly good pets, however I have found if handled enough when they are young, rabbits can be caring, loyal, and very intelligent pets. I was able to teach my rabbit to come when her name was called and to do a few tricks. I am still convinced that my rabbit was better trained than my boyfriend's dog! : ) I still miss her ramming my leg with her nose repeatedly until I would pet her or pick her up, or licking my tears off my face (the salt) if I was crying. She is dearly missed, but I am VERY excited to be getting a new bunny now that I will finally be in an apartment that allows pets!

Katie - 2008-07-23
Hi. I have a dutch rabbit called fuzzy. He is a very nice rabbit to look after but he can get annoying sometimes. If someone can help me, I wonder if you can you tell me what signs the rabbit does and how I can calm him down, stop him from being naughty, and how I can make him love me more. Thanks

Clare - 2008-07-17
I`ve got 5 rabbits. My 1st rabbit died at age 3, he was called hollis. I was so upset at this, he was like my best friend. Sounds sad being 22, but they are very loving pets. True he too use to follow me round, loved cuddles and kisses, and licked my face. So I just had to get another. When he died in my arms part of me died. So to cheer me up I got a new dutch dwarf. Then it look lonely so got her a friend, it was the other rabbit which was there the day I got her. Which I was told was a girl. Nuhuh was it! Bella was a fella, I use to check all the time to make sure. If you get more then 1 rabbit check what sex they are, don't trust a pet shop. Now 5 rabbits later. And rabbits do bite, mine don't but they nip for a pat on the head. My mates rabbit once bit me and made me bleed, I suppose that's if they dont get attention. Not for kids though, these rabbits, no younger then 10 anyways. My niece and nephew are fine with them and both under 9. They`ve been warned that they are scared little things who like nice soft voices. All in all nice, happy, friendly, loving, and very adorable animals. They're a must =)

Katie - 2008-07-14
Its me again,and Gracie gave birth to 6 adorable dutch kits. Unfortunately Penelope was not pregnant. But I am looking forward to them being 9 days old so then I can hold them!

Kaylan I love rabbits - 2008-04-30
I love my rabbit Oreo! I got her about 3 or 4 weeks ago. In that short amount of time I have realized alot. Some of them are that rabbits don't bite. I have found out that Dutch rabbits are the best kind, so if you are choosing which rabbit to choose then "CHOOSE A DUTCH RABBIT!"

Kaylan - 2008-04-30
I love rabbits! I recommend Dutch rabbits as a pet. The reason I chose a Dutch rabbit is because one of my friends had one named Badger. So I got one and named it Oreo! In a short amount of time I have realized is that rabbits are cute, nice and DO NOT BITE. My rabbit Oreo will follow me around until I give her food, then after having a full tummy she would sleep on me for a while. Oreo finds spots in the house then will play there all day. She is so cute! So if you get a rabbit your better off getting a Dutch rabbit.

catherine - 2008-04-06
Having a dutch rabbit is great! They love to be in high places and like to lick people's fingers. They are just GREAT!

Stacy - 2008-03-10
I have a Dutch bunny and he is so calm and so gentle. I thought that bunnies were not the greatest pet but my nine year old daughter and my 3 year old soon wanted 1 really badly. They make great pets and I highly recommend this for anybody who wants a small loving pet, and also I recommend this to begginers with rabbits. They could not be better!