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   Dutch Rabbits are small colorful bunnies with a great disposition. They are an excellent pet choice for children and make a great first bunny!
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genavive - 2010-06-30
I just bought a dutch rabbit just a week ago and she is very sweet. She does not have bad temperment issues and if you will let her she will lick your whole entire arm if its all the way in her hutch! Her name is blossom and she is an 8 week old doe (female rabbit) she is a black dutch rabbit and has very soft fur, although she hates being handled. She loves to be pet and loves to jump around and loves her banana chips! I think a dutch would be a good rabbit for kids 10+ but I do believe they are delicate and need to be handled with care. But overall the dutch is a great rabbit breed and a good first rabbit.They do shed though, but they need little grooming and they do need exercise so give them some space to run around.

Shana - 2010-06-18
Hello My name is Shana and my husbands name is keith, We recently got a 12 week old black and white dutch rabbit Female. We actually got her from this fair/carnival down the street. She is so cute and nice. When she hears noise from the tv she runs and jumps around, I think shes the funniest little girl. I love her so much already. I would really like some more info about female dutch bunnys so please e-mail me at thank you.

Mando & Rosy - 2010-05-11
Rosy & I ended up having a Dutch rabbit because of our daugther-in-law! Our Solider son, Mando Jr. bought it for her because she always wanted a pet, when they'd visit "Bunny" would be with them. When they moved to North Carolina, they couldn't bring Bunny with them. We figured it would be a couple of weeks after they settled in they would send for him, but they couldn't, so we ended up with him...and we've been happy since!
Having that ball-of-fluff with us is something we've enjoyed since! Every day before coming home I call Rosy to see how she & Bunny are doing, it like hearing what Bunny has been up to all day and glad he's our pet now...or as dad would say"Bunny owns us"! OOH-RAH Bunny!

Pete M - 2010-03-15
We have a one year old dutch, called Casper. Never having owned a rabbit before, we are so pleased we chose this breed. Casper is a real delight, easy to look after, great with our young kids (aged 8, 6 and 2). He's one chilled out bunny - nowhere near as neurotic as many of the rabbits we've seen at friends' houses! He even comes when we call him. What more could you want in a family pet?

Candee Gelo - 2009-08-30
I have a black and white dutch rabbit named George. George just celebrated his 11 th birthday with us. He now has severe osteoarthritis in his right front and hind leg. He falls alot but pushes himself. I have been giving him joint pills for dogs 2 times a day over the counter chewables by Hartz. I also rub and massage his legs when I come home from work and some days he seems to do well. His appetite is really good. He enjoys everything. He knows when he takes his pills to drink water after. All I do is say "George, Glucosamine Chondroitin" and he hobbles and eats it fast. He loves to sit in the living room and watch T.V. All you can do is to give them more attention and love when older and count each day you have them over a certain age as a blessing. Bunnies are the best.

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  • Noni - 2010-02-27
    I hope George is doing well, I found a Dutch in a park and brought her home, she is very cute and useses her litter box, recently she has started play like rolling her body jumping in and out in her litter box and when she is in her large play pin she will lay in her litter box instead of her other bedding.Is this normal? She loves are two dogs & cat and the dogs love her two.She also is in the house alot and wathes T.V with us. We are really enjoying her. Any tips will help.
  • paola - 2010-04-18
    I'm glad to see that there are still people who realize animals are living beings too and that they deserve the same love, respect and consideration a human being receives and even more. Thank you Candee Gelo for being the way you are with your bunny George and the words you used to express yourself about him. Take care and blessings for you.
Sidney Lowes - 2010-02-17
I am liking these comments! I am getting my very first Dutch in April, his name is going to be Pepsi! I am very excited about owning my first rabbit, but does anyone have any tip or advise?

Jerry Miller - 2009-11-21
Bun Bun just appeared in our back yard one day about four years ago. We tried to find his owner but no one claimed him. He was an unusual black/white dutch in that his face was solid black with a white spot on his nose. My wife had never wanted or had a pet before so we let him stay on our back porch. After getting attached to him we eventually brought him inside and bought him a cage but left the door open. My wife started calling him her baby and a special love developed between all of us including the grown children and grand-children. He was just like family. He was so loving and sweet and brougt a special joy to us all at just the right time. We had been going through one crisis after another and I know he was God sent. We can certainly relate to the owners of George. It was certainly one of the saddest days in our lives on Aug. 27, 2009 when we lost him after a couple says of sicknes. One of the best exotic vets in the area couldn't save him so God must have wanted him back for some reason. We buried him in about the same spot we first found him and had a special grave stone made with his picture etched on it. We keep a bright live plant next to him and it gives us both joy and sadness when we look out our kitchen window or set on the porch. The joy of having him in our lives for a season was certainly worth the sadness of missing him(and we do miss him so much). I'm not sure if and when we will get another rabbit but if and when we do it will be another Dutch. They are so sweet and gentel and would make a wonderful pet for anyone regardless of age. We love and miss our Bun Bun.

Candee Gelo - 2009-10-10
My George, who was 11 years 2 months, has now passed since my last comment. He was our whole world and we are devastated. We had to put him to sleep. The osteoarthritis started to effect his whole spime, he had a seizure and neurological damage. He did not eat and drink for almost 2 days. He knew it was his time. Our vet let us stay with him till the very end. We gave him the most important thing, love. Take care of your precious bunnies and they too will live a long and happy life. REST IN PEACE GEORGE. 8/14/1998 - 10/10/2009


Darla - 2009-08-19
I still have my Mr. Bunny... 5 years later, and he's still ticking. And, he still thinks he's a baby.. When he gets mad, he likes to thump his foot. He throws fits like a baby, and licks to lick my hand for attention. Still so sweet after all these years!

Camila M, - 2009-02-01
I just purchased Zena and she is just wonderful, one of the best rabbits I've had.
She loves to lay down and make herself comfortable on my desk or anywhere in my room. She chases my dog and LOVES to play, I consider her as another little dog of mine.
She's EXTREMELY smart, already knows several tricks like come, go back, get up, stand up, and turn around, and she's only aroound 11 weeks old.
She loves to be with me and just have a fun time <3