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   Dutch Rabbits are small colorful bunnies with a great disposition. They are an excellent pet choice for children and make a great first bunny!
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Katie - 2003-12-18
I have two wonderful Dutch rabbits, a neutered black male named Dizzle and a brown female named Hennessey. They each have their own personalities and are the cutest rabbit couple. I love them to death and they bring me lots of happiness.

KALLY - 2003-12-10
I have this type of rabbit, I got him from my cousin she didnt want him and she lives in the city and since I live in the country we thought it woulc be best if I had him. Since Ive had him hes one of my favorite rabbit breeds ever!!!

Amy - 2003-12-09
Hi have the most amazing dutch rabbit ever he came all the way from switzerland to the usa he sleeps in my arms and watches tv with me
he loves being cuddled i cant even express how much i love him

Doyng - 2003-11-23
Hi, I have a dutch rabbit also. I have had him for a year now and he has grown so big! I love him so much...But some times he can get mean!

karlhblanco - 2003-11-20
i have a white and black striped bunny but he always trys to scratch me when i carry him.what do i do?

"It sounds like your bunny is trying to get away when you pick him up. Try picking him up by the nape of the neck or under his chest with one hand and put your other hand under his back legs or hold both of his back feet in your hand. Make sure he has support for his back feet. That will make him feel secure and he may not try to get away. I hope this helps!"

Dr. Jungle

Anonymous - 2003-11-09
all your rabits are so cute.


Heather Rediker - 2003-10-19
I have a male. He is my little stud. He is so nosey but I love him to death. I am looking for more. They are hard to find so if you find one, you should take the oppurtunity. They are worth the money and work. They are sweet rabbits. They also have a gentle nature, but just like many other rabbits, they do not like to be held!