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   Dutch Rabbits are small colorful bunnies with a great disposition. They are an excellent pet choice for children and make a great first bunny!
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v woods - 2004-04-21
I had a blue dutch he was 12 weeks when i got him but sadly died at the age of one year old.

He was a lovely buck named Piccolo, and i loved him dearly, and I miss him very much.

Meghan - 2004-03-17
I have a Dutch rabbit named Mabel, and she is absolutely wonderful. I am so glad I chose her. She is sweet and good-natured and has never bitten or scratched me (she kicked me once, but I deserved it). She also has a sense of humor that never ceases to surprise me. I would recommend a Dutch to anyone!

Toni - 2004-03-07
i hav a dutch called Zac he is 8 months old but hes still my baby im 13 and he is a perfect pet he is calm and friendly and really nosey lol he lovs helpin me out wiht my hwk by chewin the corners but the teachers just laugh when i go in and tell them my rabbit ate my hwk

Gabby - 2004-03-05
Hi,I have been thinking about getting a rabbit and I am on April 1st. I have looked at all the other breeds but I am in love with the Dutch so I am having that breed. I have heard so many great things about them. So if your getting a rabbit like me get a dutch because from what I have heard they are calm, sweet, friendly, cute and good natured. I am having a male and I am naming him Harvey. Thanks for doing a great website it has given me lots of info on Dutch rabbits!!! I LOVE THEM SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!

Julia May - 2004-02-23
I have a female, tortise shell dutch rabbit! Her name is Libby. I have had her for almost a year. She has a temper, but most of the time she is very sweet and loving. I think smaller rabbits like dutch and netherland dwarves are better pets than larger ones.

Christa Bowman - 2004-02-19
I have nine dutch rabbits. I have one with a blue eyes. They are so cute. They watch tv, eat pizza, drink pepsi, and like to play with footballs. The oldest is three years, the youngest is six months. They make awesome pets and are my favorite animal.

Brandi - 2004-02-18
I have two dutch rabbits.Black and white boy named Spot.Gray and white girl named Isabel.My girl is due for babies Mar.6,04.They are great pets and so friendly.If you want a rabbit dutch is your rabbit.

Hebs - 2004-02-11
I have a dutch rabbit and she is so great! She gets along well with other rabbits and is so cute. Her name is Carmal. So far she had one litter and they are so cute! Dutch bunnies are awesome.

Denize - 2004-01-19
I have 4 English Spot rabbits and one dutch male, and I have to say the dutch rabbit is much friendlier and good natured, all my rabbits are wonderful but the dutch rabbits do tend to have a good all round temperament and are very loving.

Anonymous - 2004-01-11
I have a dutch rabbit and she is very energetic. She speeds around my room and loves to snuggle. She does not like to be picked up.