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   Dutch Rabbits are small colorful bunnies with a great disposition. They are an excellent pet choice for children and make a great first bunny!
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Anonymous - 2004-11-13
I have two dutch rabbits. One I rescued from a friend how was going to give her to the human society because her dog was hurting it. I took her home and named her Kidny. Shortly after my other bunney White Fuge got her pregnant. Pretty soon I am going to have little bunnies!

Anonymous - 2004-11-11

Kelly Thornton - 2004-10-26
I have a one year old brown and white dutch rabbit, "Mr Bun Buns", we adopted him from my sister-in-law who found out she was having a baby and was having a hard time with her pregnancy. He has been a complete joy (when he is not taking lumps out of the carpet). This is my first pet (apart from Goldfish) and he amazes me with his little personality. He loves nose rubbing which we do on a regular bases and I can hear him grinding his teeth with contentment!!! Also he just loves bananas!!!

Nancy - 2004-10-10
We have a four year old chocolate Dutch named Shamokin. He is truly a marvelous pet - much like a puppy. He follows us around the house. He wakes us up each morning with rabbit kisses. He is a joy!

Mrs T Davis - 2004-10-05
I have a lovely brown and white 11 week old male dutch rabbit called Hazel, after one of the rabbits in watership down. He likes to show his affection by licking my finger, he is the most friendly rabbit I have ever owned.

Hayley - 2004-10-03
I have a few Dutch rabbits. It is so much fun to show and breed them. They are such sweet animals. I love Dutch rabbits!

Heidi Adele - 2004-09-24
We got "Cocoa Fluff" a number of years ago now......he has to be at least 4 years old. My son wanted a bunny for Easter SO BADLY!! I thought, "what am I getting myself into now....." Of course, who is so attached to the little guy now that my son is a teenager and has to be reminded constantly to give the poor baby food and water..........ME.........THE MOM!!! I have been through two expensive episodes with him staying at the vet and having surgery and I fuss over him like the baby of the family. His favorite treat? Bananas, like I noticed someone else wrote.......he goes crazy for them.......likes to eat them right out of the peel while you hold it for a monkey! I only wish he was less nervous with people, but, when relaxed, he will lie down and watch TV with us......

MISS R LLOYD - 2004-09-19
I have recently brought a male Dutch rabbit he is blue and white, he is 12 weeks old, eating and chewing everything in site. I am training him as a house rabbit as he will not grow very big. I am very surprised at how quickly he has adapted to his new suroundings.

Adele Infante - 2004-08-25
It is so easy to see that those people who posted their tributes to their pets are truly the caregivers of the animal world. The animals are part of the family and they realize what a treasure it is to have them, even if it is only for a while. We know that the time with them will be short...but precious. We know that in the end we will be hurt by the loss of these dear critters. But we chose to love them again and again. Their claim to immortality is that they will live on forever in our hearts and souls.

terri - 2004-08-20
my dutch rabbit, frankie, was not a pet, but a member of the family. we only had him for less than three years, so his time with us was cut short, but he was amazing. he loved attention and his bunny massages, loved bananas and grapes, and after eating a grape he would wipe his mouth to clean the grape juice. he always had an adorable look about him, and made us laugh all the time. he always found something hilarious to do, like get his head stuck in a tissue box. he showed his love by giving kisses. he dyed the fur between his ears blue by rubbing it on a blue salt lick he had just licked. he was punk bunny for a while, till it shed out. he will always be in our hearts as the most special bunny in the world. he was loved dearly.