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   Dutch Rabbits are small colorful bunnies with a great disposition. They are an excellent pet choice for children and make a great first bunny!
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na - 2005-04-12
I actually am looking into getting one of these rabbits. They are very good with children with a respectable life span. I have heard that a dutch is the way to go!

meghan zupancich - 2005-04-07
my dutch rabbit is the best!!! his name is Oreo and he is the sweetest thing possible. We bring him inside. he loves to jump around and be petted. If you are thinking about getting a rabbit for a pet you should totally get a dutch! MEZ

ABBY - 2005-04-06
I just bought two 8 week old dutch bunnies. ive had rabbits before and so far these prove to be the most friendly and well tempered breed. theyre curious little girls and like to roam around. theyre the most eager breed ive had and i would highly suggest them to anyone wishing to purchase a bunny.

denise Mcclure - 2005-04-04
We have a tortoise dutch named Blossom. She is five years old. My daughter begged for a bunny for years. A Dutch was the perfect choice. She is amazing! She is litter trained, loves people, wants to be with the family, and sleeps in the bed with my daughter. She has never had to live in a cage, we gave her the entire screened porch. She will come to the door of our den and scratch like a cat to come inside. When my daughter first got her she painted her nails every week. It was too cute. Now that my daughter is seveteen she does not have the time for her. We did not research much before getting her, we had no idea she could live to be 15 years old. She is still a bright spot in our day to day lives. She will lay on her back and sleep for hours completly relaxed, people cannot believe it. Then when she wakes up she smiles and shows her full teeth like bugs bunny. Dutch rabbits are as great a pet you will ever find given the right attention. Denise 04-03-05

c.Robinson - 2005-03-26
A very good natured pet if you spend time down at his level, not so keen on being picked up, like many rabbits i suppose.Quite a lively personality too.

louise wright - 2005-03-26
Hello rabbit world. i have a dutch rabbit her name is daisy. she is here with me now writing this letter, and she tottally loves your website. My name is louise and my boy rabbit is called thumper, and my girl rabbit, daisy, has had like well i think seven babies they r 3 days old and i luv em to bits!

ben - 2005-03-24
My wife and I have a Dutch bunny who is Medium Brown and White, named Bailey, and is just under four years old. She is not just a pet but a member of our family, she is our first child and is treated as such. Our lives are so much brighter because she is around. She is a house rabbit and has her own bathroom, dishes, bed, toys, and is fed nothing but the best food. We even buy her Christmas presents and celebrate her birthday. She loves bananas and her papaya treats. She has such a personality and is so social and loving it is truly hard to consider her an animal, but more of a person. She is the most affectionate rabbit I have ever seen. We love her more than anything and pray every day that she will live as long of a life as possible. We had her spayed before she was a year old, and her vet is one of the best in the midwest. I definitely recommend bringing this animal into your life, I never thought I would care for and love a rabbit as I was a dog person before, but she truly is one awesome animal and we are blessed to have her.

Darla - 2005-03-23
My rabbit is a brown dutch. He is just so cute! His name is Ralph. I got him at the age of 3 weeks and he has been hyper ever since. I absolutely adore his whiskers. If you take care of them properly they can live from 10-15 years. GET A DUTCH!!!

Castro, C. - 2005-03-21
I just got a Dutch rabbit. It

bernie - 2005-03-16
I have a orange dutch rabbit, he is still only young-4 months. He is really great with people he knows, but if someone he dosent know comes into the house he runs behind the table. his so sweet and afectionate, i would certainly recommend this breed of rabbit to anyone whos thinking about buying.