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   Dutch Rabbits are small colorful bunnies with a great disposition. They are an excellent pet choice for children and make a great first bunny!
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Ally - 2005-06-14
Hi. i have a dutch rabbit and she is the best pet i ever had. when i first received her, she was so small she fit in the center of my palm. we live in a house and she would go outside and dig. she was potty trained and we taught her a lot of tricks. she use to growl and stomp her feet when we came home late. three years after we got her we had to put her to sleep.

Jessie - 2005-06-13
When I was about 12 yrs old I owned a Northeastern cottentail (a wild rabbit) and it was a lot friendlier than the Dutch I own today. I purchased the rabbit from a local shelter already spayed & at about a year old. I've spent multitudes of hours with the bunny, but it still lunges, grunts, and scratches even if I just sit down next to her and don't touch her! She has my entire apartment to roam around freely (which is huge)and lots of toys just for her, but she would rather chew electrical cords, my couch, wood furniture and holes in my wall to wall carpeting!

ABBY - 2005-06-08
I have one black dutch rabbit, with beautiful, and flawless markings. I don't know how old she is because we adopted her as a free rabbit when she was a one year old. When we got her she had mites, so we had to take care of that which cost us about $100 per shot. When we put our hands in her cage she would growl and pounce on our hands and start biting them, so to make her nicer we had her spayed which cost about $125. our free rabbit turned into about a $300 rabbit. But she is a genius for a rabbit she knows how to count. This is what I do, I hold up two playing cards and point to them and tell her what they are and ask her which one is bigger or the greatest. then I hold them out to her face up and she picks the one out of the two cards with her teeth, and it's the highest number.

rebecca jordan - 2005-06-06
I have a rabbit calle Dandy, and he is the most intelligent creature of the sort, though he tends to bite now and again. I would recommend a dutch to anyone who has a lot of spare time and will not lock them in a hutch all day. Dandy is free to roam the garden all day - that's why he is so bright.

Ally - 2005-05-31
i got a dutch bunny for my b-day a couple years ago and i fell in love with him and now i want more. he is so sweet. him and my dog play with each other, it is the cutest thing i have ever seen. they are such sweet animals im doing a project on him for science. :)

abigail - 2005-05-16
My dutch is a blue love bug disguised as a rabbit. She is about 4 years old. I recommend getting a dutch for a pet!!!

lois - 2005-05-11
I have 2 dutch rabbits!
Whispa is about 10 months old and she is a tortoise colour and the other one is called fuzzle she is about 18 months old and she is black.
they both like eating dry food but Whispa does not like pellets! they like eatin chewy sticks (especially popcorn ones)

Lois B, 12 Manchester, England

michael mchally - 2005-04-14
They are great and exciting.Super fast,energetic.nice and soft great for a pet.

Brittany D - 2005-04-14
I have 1 black dutch and 1 blue dutch. I fell in love with the breed instantly. They have excellent litter training habbits and one of the sweetest smartest breeds i own. My black dutch is almost a year old and such a bundle of joy. He was litter trained in about 2 days of our getting him. We got him from a shelter i volunteer for. My blue dutch is 9weeks old and such fun. She was litter trained the day we got her so shes a very smart girl. She will be going to her first show in July. I would recommend A dutch to anyone getting their first rabbit. They are very easy to train and very beautiful. Dutches are only a small size so you will only need a small sized dog crate or pen to put them in. Grooming is needed maybe every 2 weeks depending on if they are molting or not.

na - 2005-04-12
I actually am looking into getting one of these rabbits. They are very good with children with a respectable life span. I have heard that a dutch is the way to go!