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   Dutch Rabbits are small colorful bunnies with a great disposition. They are an excellent pet choice for children and make a great first bunny!
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Erynn & Emma - 2005-07-13
Finally, we found a site with some valuable information.
Our Dutch Rabbit is only 6 weeks old and he is THE most lovable small pet I've ever had. He's grey and white and about 1.5 pounds right now !!!

Anonymous - 2005-07-13
I had a dutch rabbit, and he was the greatest. He let me hold him and he never bit me.He was calm and great for hands on people!

cheyenne - 2005-07-08
hi, my name is gizmoe. i am a BLACK AND WHITE dutch. I love the photos you put up on your web site and especially the advice you give me to make my wonderful owner, cheyenne, more happy with me. After i get done reading the great news, i tell cheyenne and she gos out and buys me yummy treats. Well, got to go, time for bed. Bye, LOVE, GIZMOE

Anonymous - 2005-07-08
I have a wonderful dutch rabbit. His name is Cookie and is brown and white. I also have other pets but he is definitely the best to cuddle and play with! I love him and will be so sad when he leaves us. He is quite old almost 6 years old but is still as playful as when he was 6 weeks old! I hope he lives to be 10! Thats all I can say I love him and would do anything for him!

kyla - 2005-07-05
I have a Dutch Rabbit. Her name is Lucy, and she is eight weeks old. She loves to eat bananas and carrots. Dutch rabbits are easygoing and gentle; I carry Lucy around in a purse and in old doll beds. She loves to pose for pictures XD and be treated like a baby.
I fell in love with Lucy upon laying eyes on her. A sweet demeanor, a cuddly face, the breed is excellent for first -- time owners!

Natalie - 2005-07-04
Ten years ago my parents let me get my first rabbit. My brother and I picked a little black Dutch rabbit and we named her Duchess. She lived eight long, happy years. Duchess left such an impact on our family we haven't had the heart to replace her with another bunny and our dog lies under her abandoned hutch in our backyard and sniffs the bottom of the cage looking for his buddy. If I were to get another rabbit in the future, I'd definitely consider getting another Dutch. They're jewels!

Harriet - 2005-06-30
I have had a black and white Dutch rabbit for a year and a half now. His name is Peter and he is 2 years old. He is my first rabbit and i wouldn't chose any other breed to be my first! He has really funny characteristics, he hisses, thumps his feet, growls and when he's happy he purrs and licks me. I love him so much!

Anonymous - 2005-06-29
I raise this breed of rabbit and it is very kind, gentle, and great with kids. They are wonderful rabbits!

Danielle Becker - 2005-06-25
Dutch rabbits are kind and sweet and the perfect pet for all ages!

Amanda - 2005-06-23
I just got my 2 Dutch Rabbits, and they are so nice and loveable. If you want to get a rabbit my best guess is you get a dutch, or get a flopp eared rabbit because they are also nice.