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   Dutch Rabbits are small colorful bunnies with a great disposition. They are an excellent pet choice for children and make a great first bunny!
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Kelly - 2005-08-19
I've had my dutch rabbit, Cookie, for about a year now. We're the best of buddies! She's very sweet and loves to nuzzle and get this; she loves to lay on her back! She will fall asleep in my arms on her back like a baby. She has a huge personality and can get a little edgy when there's too many strangers around but that's about all. I've never been bitten by her. She's energetic and loves to romp in the grass and dig in the dirt. I LOVE MY DUTCH!!!

emma - 2005-08-17
Hi i have just gotten a dutch. He is called Billy and he is really nice and good-natured. He is a black. I would recommend a dutch rabbit to younger rabbit-loving teenagers like me, but remember to clean them out!

Julia - 2005-08-08
Hi! I have a buck and doe dutch rabbit! They r both black and white! Yesterday she had 8 babies! all of them r so cute!

Anonymous - 2005-08-01
hi everyone. i have a dutch bunny, they make good pets.

Melissa P. - 2005-07-27
I had a dutch and won a best of breed and a 4th place in showmaneship . Now I have another one. In my opinon they are the best rabbits out there.

Amelia - 2005-07-25
I had a dutch rabbit named Lulu and she was my birthday present when i turned 11 years old.When i got her she was the calmest, sweetest little rabbit I had seen. But we had her only for less than a week because she was favoring her right arm. Even though I loved her sooo much we had to take her back to the petshop. Take your injured animals and see what is wrong. It may be causing your animal a lot of pain.

Jenny - 2005-07-22
It's about time I found a site with a good rabbit breed and some useful information, I once met a dutch rabbit and instantly fell in love with it. I am now looking for a dutch to have for myself.

Jamie - 2005-07-22
i've been breeding dutch for a few years and find them so much fun. I love the fact that you can tell their markings and color rate from the time they are born. Dutch are also great moms. I bought 2 does (a black and a tort) in feb and bred them both at the same time. They both had their babies on easter sunday, however my black (who was just 8 months old) died just after giving birth. She had 6 babies who were still alive but getting very hungery. My tort doe also had 6 babies. I decided to try putting the 6 orphaned babies with her even though people said that was to many to foster. I didn't listen to them and I'm glad I didn't. My tort doe took the 6 babies and raised all 12. When I bought the 2 does in feb I didn't really want to buy the tort, but I did, and I was sure glad I did. Not only do dutch make great moms but they also make great foster moms too. I love my dutch and will never stop breeding them.

melissa P - 2005-07-18
They are the perfict rabbit for showing at a county fair. I have two and love them very much. I won best of breed the first time I went to the fair, and 4th place the second year. THEY ARE THE BEST!

lizzie - 2005-07-16
I have two really cute little dutch rabits Toffee and Fudge. Toffee is absoloutly georgeous and is nearly five months she is ginger and white and loves dandilion leaves, plantin and rabbit chocolate buttons, so we have to be careful not to fead her to many treats. She started to look sad and lonely so we bought her a little sister Fudge. Fudge is a brown and white dutch rabbit and her favourite treat is cabbage. Both of them get along really well and wash each other all the time. They only ever scrap when we put both of them in one hutch, but its only play fighting. Both of them love to play with toys that jingle like cat balls and keys. Toffees a clean freak and keeps everthing in one corner of her hutch wheras fudge has evertthing everywhere. Their both uber cudly and will sit on your lap while you watch tv for hours. Neither of them have bit or wet on me since I have gotten them and they love to wash me. I dont know what i would do without them and I think that they are the nicest breed of rabit you can get.