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   Dutch Rabbits are small colorful bunnies with a great disposition. They are an excellent pet choice for children and make a great first bunny!
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Mindi - 2006-03-15
I love my Dutch Rabbits. I have a black male named bucky and a gray female named bunnie. I took both to our town fair, both got 1st place. Bucky got 1st runner up!!! It was great. Every one was telling me how beautiful my rabbits were and wanted some of their own.

Lauren - 2006-02-14
I have a dutch rabbit.I got her when i was 10 and i named her Honey. shes tan and white and has beautiful blue eyes :)..i play with her all the time in the summer and try to give her much attention when its winter (she lives outside in a cozy hutch) since its usually cold out. I love her so much and im also getting a dwarf bunny on easter so she has a friend :)

Lulu Riley - 2006-02-07
About two years ago I met a dutch rabbit, and fell in love with the breed. My first one was a Tort. who would lick you and was the best mother I have ever seen. I continue to love the breed, in fact I now have about 24 rabbits, and a few pregnant ones. The dutch really have changed my life. Now instead of "normal" vacations I go to Dutch Specialty Shows.
to see my rabbits go to

Tim Bode - 2006-01-22
I would like to advise everyone of critical feeding information that I just learned the hard way. We have had two Dutch bunnys for a little over 8 years. We were feeding alfalfa pellets for many years only to learn that this is not good food for a rabbit after about 6 months. Too much calcium that leads to health probelms that can be fatal. Timothy hay and timothy hay pellets is the best diet and orchard grass works well too. This advice comes from the doctor so please find a doctor for your rabbit that treats rabbits, have yearly check ups and feed them Timothy hay products after they are 6 months old. Oxbow is the best I have found and they are on the internet. I just lost one of my boys today and I want to help everyone avoid my mistakes. They are wonder friends and pets and live 8-12 years of more with proper care and diet.

Zoe Age 8 - 2006-01-19
Hi, my black dutch bunny is the cutest bunny alive! she sometimes even licks me and my family. she is called Meg. we just sort of went into a pet shop and brought her! she was so easy to litter-train. she got the idea about 2 days after we got her!
She is just so affectionate. she hops about the room and chins everything in sight! sometimes she just WON'T go in her cage when we want her to. when she in a cheeky mood she sometimes chews the cords and wires.(we let her chew the papers scattered around the room)
She also DOESN'T like going to bed (like me) and chews at the bars desparately.
AND she sometimes chews and digs at the carpet and then we squirt her with the water sprayer.

But i still think she's the cutest bunny on earth...

Esther - 2006-01-19
I am thinking about getting a bunny. After looking at this website, I like the Dutch bunny and the Holland lop because they are small, sweet, and can live a long time is what I read. If I get a bunny, I will get it in probably about 2 weeks. I hope I do, and I hope my bunny is sweet, lives a long time, and is small (not overweight)!

Judy - 2006-01-02
I got my first bunny a few weeks ago and happens to be a dutch bunny. As soon as I saw her I knew I had to take her home. She was soooo loving the first time we held her, already giving kisses. Who can refuse that. Just too cute. Easy to potty train and gets along with my boston terrier. Her easy going attitude is a huge plus. I Love My Bunny.

Kate - 2005-12-31
i have a little dutch boy who is now 3 years old. i got him when he was about 2 months old. he is an absolute pleasure as a pet. he was so easy to toilet train, it only took about two days. the longer i've had him the more his personality has come out. we've had a few close calls with his health - a bowel obstruction which the vet thought would be untreatable, luckily he got through this. i would recommend dutch bunnies to anyone contemplating getting a rabbit. they are a great size, soooo cute, easy to train and have great individual personalities. my boy even plays with cat toys! SO CUTE!!!

Anonymous - 2005-12-27
I have a Dutch Rabit and i think that he is one of the best pets i've every have. What i found out is that they sleep with their eyes open and their noses not moving, so that helps alot. I think that they are very good with children and make excellent pets.

robin - 2005-11-28
We have had our Dutch Bunny for almost two years and he is an absolute joy for our entire family!! We picked him out at our local humane society and can't believe nobody wanted him. He was a present for my then six year-old daughter and she was delighted; he was approcimately 4 months old when we got him. Our Prince loves to eat bunny treats and fresh carrots and celery. At night he sits between my fiance' and I and watched TV. When people stop over and aren't aware that we have Prince they are shocked to see a bunny hopping all around the house and can't believe he is litter box trained! Everyone should have one!!