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   The delicate sleek Brittania Petite Rabbits have a sparkle in their eye, are full of energy, and can be a very playful pet!
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Rachel - 2005-07-24
i am looking for the perfect bunnie. i have been doing research EVERY day to find the best bunnie!(one that my parents will let me have!) i have been using this website and have come to a conclusion, netherland dwarf or holland lop. but i'm still reasearching and have found that there is SO many differint kinds of bunnies in the world! thank you for having so many varietes! and to other people out there, this website has a lot of info and can help you find what YOU ARE looking for! from: baby bunnie luver (!)

Ben Harwich - 2005-06-14
I have A netherland Dwarf Rabbit and they are the cutest little things ever

Heather - 2005-04-20
very friendly, loves to run around the house, always chases our kitten