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   These guys are about the softest and cuddliest rabbits we've ever seen!
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saba khan - 2004-11-28
i love rabbits they are s cute i love them

Allysan - 2004-11-13
they look so sweet and cuddly! All I have are 2 lop/rex mixes, tinkerbell and cuddles.

Sparkle - 2004-11-05
I had an angora named gum-gum. He was precious. What was so great about him is that he lived to be 13 years old. I have 10 more rabbits . All my other rabbits in the past lived about 8-9 years. I keep them inside and give them fresh food and water daily.
They are all litter boxed trained. I use kitty litter that is scoopable. They are so smart and precious to me. Everyone who has an indoor rabbit knows how much love they can bring into a persons life. They are my babies.

BRITTANY - 2004-01-17
they look so sweet! i only have (and breed) New Zealands.

sarah daugherty - 2003-12-04
My rabbit is a beautiful rabbit. She lives in a hutch about 8ft long and she loves it . Recently my other rabbit died he was 9 years old but was not an angora now that I have one I realize how they are such good pets . During the winter I put hay in her hutch , she loves it .

terri rutledge - 2003-10-17
we love our angoras ! they are very gentile & love to snuggle. they are always the highlight of the day, especially when we visit schools & nursing homes ! great pet therapy & soothing for our family. working w/ them is great stress relief. not to mention enjoyable!!