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   These guys are about the softest and cuddliest rabbits we've ever seen!
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lauren sams - 2005-07-09
i love my english angora. i show her along with my breeder crossbreed buck and a whole lot of other rabbits! her name is daisy do and she is three months old. they are a great show and family pet! i love them

breann - 2005-07-07
i breed english angoras and they are the best tempered rabbit ever! my herdsire, Henry, is just a doll! my breeding does are wonderful mothers and a joy to have around.

Nadine - 2005-06-17
I have 1 albino angora called Snowy, who is a doe. they are beautiful animals with wonderful coats. they are an ideal pet for a family.

Kathleen - 2005-05-18
Angoras are the most challenging breed of rabbit I ever had but, their the best rabbits you could asks for.

Jack - 2005-05-12
I have two angora bunnys and one is pregnant. Their names are fluff and snuff. If ever you want one they are good to keep and very healthy.

Anonymous - 2005-04-18
I have breed angoras and other rabbits myself when i was ten now i am forteen and i still breed them

CJ Clapp - 2005-03-08
I have 2 rabbits. One is a giant angora and one is a mini loped eared. They are so cute. The angora is a huge responsibility because of the brushing and all the maintenence. I am only 12 years old so it can get kind of annoying. But in the end they r both great breeds and have really nice temperments.

Alyssa 12 yr old - 2005-03-08
I have a baby lop eared bunny named Gracie, and she is the greatest sweetest little thing in the world. I bath her once a month and take very good care of her feeding her once a day and changing her water once a week. She is black and white which are great colors on a bunny i think. I plan on getting an angora some time soon. Because i have the time and money to care for one.

Amanda - 2005-02-20
I love rabbits!

Megan - 2005-01-13
I have two english angoras and they are the best pets you could possibly have! Whats best about them, besides being irrisistably cute, is they are VERY sociable and will follow you around like a dog, begging for attention. If you are looking for a cute, friendly pet these are definetly the pet for you!!(as long as you are willing to groom them)