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   These guys are about the softest and cuddliest rabbits we've ever seen!
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kat - 2006-11-22
I have a French Angora named Fluffy. He is very sweet and loves to snuggle. I love him alot. He also shows well, he got Best of Breed in the Putnum County Fairgrounds. I am take him to the Indiana State Faigrounds this next 4-H year. He also got Best of Breed in the summer and fall show.

Debra - 2006-10-13
I love my angora rabbit her name is Anabel and she is the best rabbit that I've ever had she is so gentle and affectionate.

Laura Mckenna - 2006-06-07
I am just starting with angoras, and so far I love them. They are nothing like any of my other rabbits.

Anonymous - 2006-05-10
We adopted a french angora rabbit named sampson. He is the loviest rabbit ever. he actually steals food from the feed bin.

Carla - 2006-04-22
We looooove KENNY, our little fluffy Angora boy.
He celebrated his 10th BIRTHDAY on Easter Sunday.
He has a perfect personality and he loves us and the cats.
He especially loved our dog "CHaka", a female Ridgie who went to God recently, and he outlived CHaka.
Kenny rules the roost and he is the coolest Dude.
He loves grooming and will even lie on his back for long stretches. Kenny takes it all in his stride and he always does his best to please us.
He is the most important and loved member of our family.

Jessie - 2006-03-18
Angora rabbits will make the perfect pets and the have great fur.

Anonymous - 2005-10-27
~ I raise & Show English Angora in Canada. They are the BEST bunnies ever, so sweet & lovable. They are the bunny who gives back with wonderful wool. You can't take your English Angora anywhere without a crowd around you very soon. I adore Bunnies & English Angora `rock' plus thier COOL, ha ha. Happy Hops Rabbitry

Sweetpee - 2005-08-06
i love my angora, she the best bunny i've had. she sits though anything. shes great.

michele - 2005-08-04
I just lost my French Angora (black) today! Really miss him already. His name was Maurice and he was the best pal ever.

alexandra - 2005-07-15
our bunny is the cutest one in the world. His name is Bunny Hairball. He likes chewing all our plants and get angry when we don't caress him. He is the cuddliest little being.
We live in Thessaloniki, Greece, which is a bunny-loving country.