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   These guys are about the softest and cuddliest rabbits we've ever seen!
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Kennedy - 2007-11-11
The fluffy gray one is so cute!!!!!!!!

kiona - 2007-10-24
i have peppper the best bunny in the world

Adam - 2007-10-21
The best breed of angora is the German Angora!

kerry - 2007-06-22
I got a Dwarf Angora baby bunny named Michico, she is so special. Has such a character and brings so much joy to us :)

Kourtney - 2007-06-19
I have an english angora and she is the sweetest thing ever, fluffy.

brittant - 2007-06-05
i love my bunny. his name is bun bun : ] he is either a french angora or a satin angora, but either way i will always love love love him : ]

Alexzander Elliotte - 2007-05-16
I finally got my first English Angora, she is agouti in colour and wild in temprement. But she is the best with the most personality and is constantly trying to climb up to sit on my shoulders. Im sure under all that wool I actually have a monkey. Alexzander

Adam - 2007-05-01
I am getting into breeding German/ Giant Angoras. I got my little doe a couple of day ago and she is doing just fine and getting along with my little Amigo that I am soon selling to my best friend! She's not producing wool quite yet but soon...

Amadna - 2007-03-31
I adopted my french angora from a shelter a little over a year ago. Renamed him Scarface- due to the scar on his nose and eye. He's the best, most friendly rabbit I've ever had. He loves to play and follows me around everywhere. Plus he's got the best personality of any rabbit I've seen!

Lila Knabe - 2006-11-24
I just started raising my Gracie* this past summer! Angora rabbits are one of the best rabbits I have ever had!