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   These guys are about the softest and cuddliest rabbits we've ever seen!
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janelle - 2009-11-21
English Angoras babies for sale at

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  • Anonymous - 2014-09-07
    How much do you sell them for
Blake & Judy - 2014-05-26
We know why GOD made animals....especially Angora Rabbits. HE hopes that we can learn how to love like they do. Never thought we would have these sweet creatures as pets....they are wonderful. Thank you GOD!

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  • Anonymous - 2014-09-07
    I like what you said but I want to know we're to get them.
setia - 2013-06-07
I want to buy a rabbit. What is the best race and beauty of them?

Andrea Smith - 2007-03-03
I had an Angora rabbit named Teako. He was a beautiful golden color & he was the friendliest bunny I've ever had. The moment I saw him at the pet shop I knew I wasn't leaving there without him. For some reason I'm a sucker for an animal that's not quite perfect. Teako was missing an ear (a birth defect). When I got him home I discovered he had a club foot in the front too. But none of that affected him one bit. He ran around and played like any other rabbit. He could even jump up & down on the shelf in his cage. He would look out from his cage with the most pitiful look, like I want out of here, and usually I would let him out to run around. He followed me around all the time. He always wanted to be with me. He loved everybody. He was the best!! Unfortunately, Teako died suddenly a year ago. I only had him for 7 months. I'll never forget him! If he's typical of Angoras, I'd recommend them to anyone & I hope to find another one someday.

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  • Esa Brudos - 2013-02-17
    I have Angora/lions and they are beautiful, inquisitive and their father follows your description by being our house bunny. When he matured tho' we had to limit his axcess because he wanted to mark his territory. He still is a good bunny but I'm going to have him fixed. So glad he has had a litter of 6 beautiful bunnies with a Chocalate Torte Lioness which I might also fix, but their kits are two toned and beautiful.... contact me and I'll send pictures. ^.^
Anonymous - 2013-02-17
lionhead angora bunnies are even tempered and lovely...

Trudie - 2013-01-26
I am living in South Africa and have 3 bags of good quality white angora fur to sell but I don't know where to start. I have been on the internet but could'nt find any buyers to contact.

Jenney - 2011-01-04
I live in yuba city, ca. I am terminal bone-cancer/system-lupus, I am a single mother w/no family in states. For a yr my 2 boys 4yrs&14yrs have been building ramps/tunnels althrough the house in hopes that we would be able to train (potty)/and play games together w/them they can not weigh more than 5-6 lbs due to my illness, please call 530-751-7713/530)617-2808 jenney (ASAP) if you have 2 same sex)prfr-grls> angora or lionhead please but any small mini same sex will work/prefer>6months or yoounger

silvi triana - 2010-07-25
Very very very cute......

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  • Clarice Brough - 2012-09-29
    Yeah... they ar really cute! If you want to find one, try locating breeders through the American Rabbit Breeders Association.
  • chloe - 2012-09-29
    I want to get a french angora but I dont know were to get one.
Jessi - 2007-12-07
My angora is the absdolute cutest thing i have ever seen, and he just loves people. Dasshi is 3 months old and is just a ball of fluff ^_^

Ke - 2007-03-25
My angora is a very nasty little pest. I just got her and she does not like to be held, touched, looked at and all she wants is to eat and sleep.

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  • Roger Rabbit - 2010-07-02
    Spend time bonding with your Angora. It may take several weeks. Look up @ google "How to carry your Angora Rabbit". Give it treats every day(Not too much). When it starts rubbing it's chin against you, then he/she accepted you into it's life!
    They are wonderful. Spend time with yours. Give it time.
  • Barbara - 2010-09-18
    Perhaps you need to try getting some advice on how to handle her. Just a little change can yield big results. Rabbits do not like to be picked up. Maybe she is afraid, and hides from you.
  • Melissa - 2011-07-07
    I found a young Angora rabbit a few months ago and never found her owners, so I found her a new home and I received a call today that the new owner wants to give her back because she is not friendly to her. She also said that she goes to the bathroom in her hutch where she sleeps. Now, I don't know much about this bunny because I found her in front of my house. What advice can be given to me? She put her in a hutch that was used by her previous rabbit. Could that be a problem? Is she not spending enough time with her? Should she be kept inside rather than outside? Any advice would be very appreciated!