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   The American Fuzzy Lop rabbit is a snuggly little bunny that reminds us of a teddy bear!
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emily wagner - 2006-10-01
i am getting a hollind lop and i have heard they are very cuduly, very nice, are GREAT for beginners, and are so so adorable

Gina - 2006-07-07
i had an american fuzzy lop for 5 years and she was the best pet ever! she was just like a dog and was so friendly that when she passed away on 6-25-06 i went and bought two more because they are so sweet and gentle. the best money i ever spent was on my fuzzy lop lexie.

maria - 2006-05-24
I have a 3 month old american fuzzy lop and he is one of a kind. He thinks he is a dog, he loves dog treats, loves to chew on shoes and pees on my sister. he has this thing were every moring at 6 am he wakes me up to let him out of his cage and if i don't he shakes the cage with his mouth and his hands. i can watch him for hours, he is truly one of a kind.

corey - 2006-04-06
I have an afl they are great.

Amber - 2006-02-19
Hey. i got an american fuzzy lop about 4 months ago.
His name is Thumper (after the movie bambi!!) And he is SO
cute. My aunt has the same type of rabbit as me and its a female so we are going to let them have babies this summer. I cant wait. I would like to keep one of the babies so i can teach it things at a young age. Not like mine, which i got at 5months old. =S

YASMINA - 2006-01-28
Your pictures of rabbits are SO Cute!

Britt Quality Lops - 2006-01-09
I have two AFL's, a girl named Gwen and a boy named Dust. they are for show and breeding. my female right now is pregnant. she is 7 months and my male is about a year and a half. I have papers on both and I love them very much! I can't wait for Gwen to have her litter! Dusty comes from one of the best AFL breeders in the country so he has extremly good bloodlines.

terry - 2005-11-16
Just got 2 male Fuzzy Lops directly from the pet store. Brothers, 6 months old. Had them for about a month. They're now starting to warm up to my 10 year old daughter--one more than the other as they're both still a little skittish. Having a hard time grooming them as they just don't like it. But we're having alot of un with them

Abbey - 2005-11-09
I breed American Fuzzy Lops and will have a black buck weened in a couple of weeks!! (ottawa, ont.)

karone - 2005-11-06
hi i have a fuzzy lop eared bunny named patty. shes still growing, and her color is getting darker now for the winter, i think. shes very nice and sweet AFTER i get her out of her cage, but shes scared to come out of the door at first.