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setia - 2013-06-07
I want to buy a rabbit. What is the best race and beauty of them?

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Ryan - 2004-06-26
These rabbits make great pets, I have had my guy now for 12 years. He has fathered many cute bunnies in his life, 54 to be exact. He was the first rabbit I had and I got him when I was only 3, I was the second owner but the first owner did not know how old he was when i got him. He is quite old now but i still love him and he has never had one thing wrong with him in his life, the only vet visits are his yearly check-ups. I know that he is not long for this world now but his legacy will live on in me and in his children.

Louise Anne Spartali - 2012-11-22
Are these rabbits supposed to be large in size? I have one and she is rather big.... ive tried everything and she just stays the same size!

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  • Clarice Brough - 2012-11-22
    These are pretty good sized rabbits,  and reaching up to about 8 1/2 pounds is normal.
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zach - 2013-04-14
I have a young jersey wooly doe and would like to know what color she is she is. when I go her she was white with light grey ears and tail, little bit on her face. now she has shed and she is mostly the light grey color I looked at the national jersey wooly website and her color wasn't on there color chart with pictures

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Kim - 2012-08-20
I am looking for a Himalayan rabbit to add to our family and finding it very difficult to locate a breeder. My daughter and I had one we loved very much but he unexpectedly and suddenly passed away after a surgery last year. If anyone knows a breeder in the Eastern, PA (Reading, Harrisburg, Allentown and thereabouts) or even within 2- 2 1/2 hours from the area please let me know! My email is, thank you.

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LaVina - 2005-01-18
I have a blue and white dutch bunny. He is the first pet I have had as an adult and my first bunny. He has a great disposition, is very playful, and loves to be petted. He is easy to care for and was easy to litterbox train. He pretty much trained himself. They are very smart animals. He loves to play. He runs all over the room and binkys high! He has a ball that he likes to roll around and he likes to hide in his little huts made out of cardboard boxes. He loves treats such as raisins, apples, carrots, broccoli, oranges, cilantro, mint, and parsley. He seems particularly fond of the mint and will pull it right out of your hand and gulp it down! : ) He does require alot of attention as they do get lonely but he is so worth it! He also gives bunny kisses which is a high honor. They will only groom some one they truly trust and love. He also knows that i always kiss his nose and has started to put his nose out for kisses! So cute. Bunnies are a great pet if you have the time for them but they also require alot of research. They are a fragile animal and need the proper care. But if you are considering one for a pet, a dutch is great to start out with. But be prepared. They can live up to around 10-15 years if properly cared for.

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Sarah b - 2013-05-11
My bunny Oreo is very very soft and cuddly! Oreo is 3 years old and very nice. Oreo likes to eat bunny food, carrots, grass, dandelions, lettuce and apples. She does not bite unless she is very hungry and needs food. I like to play with Oreo outside in the summer. In the winter Oreo runs around in the basement and in the summer she likes to be in her cage under the pine tree.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-05-11
    Oreo sounds like an awesome friend, and I llike her name too. Does she look like an oreo cookie? I think being under the pine tree in the summer must be very nice for her, a cool shaded spot.
  • Isabelle Lavallee - 2013-05-12
    Hey can I change Oreo's name like Hershys or somthimg?
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amanda kennedy - 2012-04-26
I am very very interested in getting a dwarf hotot but I can not seem to find one anywhere! I live in saskatchewan was wondering if anyone knows of a breeder close to where I live? thx

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-04-26
    Not familiar with breeders up by you but you can check this one out and see where it goes. DWARF HOTOT SASKATCHEWAN
  • Corey - 2013-04-28
    There is a registered Hotot breeder in Regina, SK by the name of Marian. Her email is I just got my lil Hotot from her last week ;)
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robert - 2013-04-28
Hi I had a lop ear bunny name dora-chan. She was eating fine everyday even on the day she died. She died suddenly, she was rolling and kicking and her eyes were rolling too, and her legs went stiff. I took her to the vet and they say it was an ear problem and it went to her brain . The vet gave us some med, we took the rabbit home and she died 15 min later. We had the rabbit for 5 years. We don't understand what might have happened because she was so healthy and happy. In the 5 years we had her she ever got sick. Do you have any ideas what might have happened.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-04-28
    So sorry to hear about your bunny. Sounds like she was well cared for and loved, but sometimes illnesses happen, even in the best of situations. My deepest regrets for your loss, and warm regards.
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Anonymous - 2003-12-07
i have a mini lop rabbit and he is so loyal, my other rabbits are not loyal at all! my mini lop likes to cuddle and will even walk on a leash!!! If i was looking for another pet i would get a nother mini lop!

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  • E.M. - 2013-02-23
    I am looking for a mini lop rabbit can't seem to locate one. Would you happen to know where I could get one? Thank you so much. Anxious to hear from you, E.M.
  • Candace Brittane Bruce - 2013-04-20
    get on to the ARBA web sight ( i think) and search for a local show in your area or you can even search for breeders in your area on there. go to show or contact a breeder. if you are just looking for a pet a mismarked one always shows up every now and then in a litter. these animals are likely to be healthier and actually the breed you are paying for than a pet store. alot of the time pet store rabbits are not what they say they are and being in the pet store is very stressful for them making them more likly to get sick. not sure where you are from but i am close to dayton ohio. i happen to have two for sale and one of them even knows how to use a litter boxbut only while she is in the cage. i have dogs so she is only out supervised so no real need for me to try to train her outside of her cage to use one lol. hope this helps

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