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Celeste - 2005-09-20
I once took care of a Brittania petite and they are very energetic and if children understand they can get excited easily and know to approach with care, then they can have the best time playing together. They also like being head of the house but get along well with other pets if trained and introduced in stages. but if you want one you have to get ready for a furball that is cute but is more a fireball of energy. (be sure to rabbit proof your home well. Read about rabbit proofing in Rabbits for Dummies.)

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Ruth Maddams - 2005-07-12
my rabbit is a cross breed between a creme d'argent and something else, so her personality is a bit mixed. but i love her as well as duke, my other male rabbit

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linzi - 2011-05-20
I have a bunny, she is very energetic, but doesn't seem to like jumping. Do you think she is a English spot rabbit???

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-05-20
    The English Spot Rabbits are known for their love of running and jumping. Does she look like an English Spot. Not all spots jump. What did they tell you when you got her? It doesn't make a lot of difference as long as you love her and she loves you.
mamasaurus - 2009-01-27
We've had our english spot, annabelle, for about 6 months. We got her for free and we had no idea what on earth she was until we got into 4-H. She's not quite show quality but she's our pet and that's all that matters. She is wonderful with my kids (7yr old and a 9 month old) and really enjoys our dogs and cats. She is extremely curious which just adds so much to her personality. We just recently got her a bunny friend and we are still in the process of introducing them to each other, although they seem to do really well together. The only bad thing about her is that she is really active so until my 7 yr old gets a little older and gets more experience with her, we will just be showing our guinea pig at shows for now. But, for anybody considering one, if nothing else, their entertainment factor alone will keep you busy for a long time!

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Megan - 2005-08-28
I have a blue and white lionhead rabbit called Smokey. He likes sitting on my knee to be stroked, but he has to have his teeth cut because they grow too long. He lives with a guinea pig called George.

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rebekah - 2012-05-13
We have a male french lop, he was a rescue rabbit, the people who had him before kept him in a tiny cage the poor guy lost all his fur,still despite how he was treated he's so calm gentle and loving, we have a totally 16 indoor pets and he gets along with all of them. There really good pets affectionate, and good with kids.

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Stacia - 2009-12-13
My first rabbit was a Dwarf Hotot that I got at a show in third grade. He didn't like me much at first, but he soon became the best thing in my life. I have had up to seventy rabbits at a time, including Havanas, Castor Mini Rex, Lion Heads, Thriantas, and French Lops. My favorites would have to be my Dwarf Hotots' and French Lops. I still have my first rabbit, Jacobs' his name, hes six years old; hes spoiled like no other.

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jessica - 2006-04-13
I have a new zealand named Trixie, and she is the BEST rabbit ever! My friend also has one and Trixie and Lilly get along very well. New Zealands are my favorite type of rabbits! Trixie is my best freinds and she is the most lovable, gentle, and fun rabbit ever! She loves to be taken out for walks and loves rooming around inside! Someday I wish to raise a farm for all new zealands! If any child is thinking about getting a rabbit then I strongley suggest new zealands! You won't regret! To me New Zealands are like little furry friends that just want to have fun and be cared for! They're gentle, fun, and great for kids!

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jordan - 2012-02-22
I have a rex rabbit named Bun. He learned his name quickly and was easy to litter box train. He is super friendly, too! I like rex rabbits because of their small size.

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  • jordan - 2012-02-22
    I mean mini rex rabbit. sorry
  • Bre Ann - 2012-05-24
    I have a mini rex named Nocte Umbra. It is latin for midnight shadow. He looks black in the sun, but looks brown in artificial light. I love mini rex rabbits, they are the best thing ever! :D
  • Sydney Stewart - 2012-07-23
    I have a Mini Rex bunny his name is Peeper he is black and white.  I show him in 4-H and I ' TRIED ' to liter Tran him and it didn't go so well :P he ate my phone charger , my lamp cord , my door , my bed . put a hole right through it , and my window sill ... now I have him outside in the barn :P
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Anonymous - 2011-07-31
My white lionhead Maisy recently had babies! We accidentally had her breed with my Dutch rabbit Eddie! So they are pretty much look like a dutch with spiky fur at first they weren't really cute but now they are growing on me! Their names are (all boys) Pepe, Romeo, and Humpfrey.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-08-01
    They sound cute though
  • kristen - 2011-12-12
    I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your lionhead bunny. I personally have 4 bunnies myself, and they make such wonderful pets. Your bunny was likely traumatized by the transport from the pet store/breeder to your home, causing the seizure (and yes, you did spell anesthesia right!). Any reputable vet will only use isoflorine to anesthetize a rabbit. Their systems are very sensitive, and I am very careful not to use any chemicals near them. Bunny staples are Timothy Hay (or Alfalfa Hay, for younger bunnies) in unlimited quantities. Also Timothy Hay-based pellets. Give them carrots, cilantro, parsley, apples (NO SEEDS!), broccoli, cauliflower, and you will have thriving bunnies. Good luck to you!!!
  • kristen - 2011-12-12
    Please have your female rabbit spayed. It prevents uterine cancer by 80%. I have 3 females and all are spayed. Please do your research and get this done. We don't need any more pets that need homes.
  • LUVURBUNS - 2011-12-24

    That is totally wrong. You do not get your rabbit altered just by a dog/cat vet. Altering a rabbit is VERY dangerous when the vet is not experienced. Please....look around and think about your answer before you post it.
  • Jackie - 2012-09-24
    Don't feed broccoli or cauliflower to your bunny! It causes horrible gas and bloating and can cause serious pain to them!

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