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Dutchess - 2012-10-24
Hi, my name is Dutchess, I'm a 1 year old netherland dwarf bunny and I keep scratching and biting at my neck right under my chin and my mom is getting very worried about this behavior and my health. I went to the vet for this issue before and got some medicine (which I hated to take) and it cleared up after a few weeks and new fur grew back, but now I'm at it again. What would you suggest my parents do to help me with this situation?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-10-24
    Hello, Dutchess andf I am sorry you just aren't 100% but I think you should have your parents take you back to the vet.  Medicine obviously hleped but have him throughly check to make sure no ingrown hairs or bites or other irritations that can be causing this.   You can also tel your parents they can give you a carrot or a couple of cheerios right after you take your medicine and that takes some of the yuk taste away.
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Cori - 2012-10-01
I want a Himalayan rabbit if any one wants to sell the babies of them plz reply P.s. I live in the United States

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  • Cori - 2012-10-01
    I need the rabbit breeder to reply with the place and price
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Laura - 2009-04-22
I love rabbits because I got one, her name is dutchess. She is so cute. I love rabbits very much.

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  • stefani - 2012-05-05
    I recently got one and named her the same name .. that's so funny , had to comment , my bucks name is Earl
  • jessica - 2012-06-09
    Do you do breeding with youur male i have a female and I was wanting to breed her . Thankyou
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jenifer - 2012-03-31
I just bought a pet rabbit from a feed store. He was the last one. He seemed so calm and easy to hold so I bought him for my two boys. (On sale for $14.99) When I got home I wanted to find out what kind of rabbit he was so I researched online. The feed store guy wasnt sure what kind he was. So, I came to find he's one of the rare Cinnamon Rabbits! So cool!

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Michelle Storts - 2012-07-31
I bred my mini rex doe with my holland lop buck. Was wondering if theres a nickname to call these hybrids. Just like holland lop lionhead hybrids are called lionhead lops or lionlops. Is there a name for mini rex and holland lop cross bunnies?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-08-01
    People have crossed the mini rex with the hollarnd lop but I could not find a 'NAME' for the cross.   The ones advertised just say 'Mini Rex and Holland Lop cross'.  Maybe you can come up with a name - there are others out there.  Go to and enter 'mini rex + holland lop'
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Ariana9098 - 2012-07-29
I have a rabbit but I am not sure of her breed. We think that she is a mini rex but we cannot tell. Any tips? Also she lives in the same hutch with my purebred Netherland Dwarf, Napoleon. We thought she was a Netherland Dwarf before because she could fit in a gerbil ball comfortably. they look identical both are broken blacks with black around their eyes and ears.

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  • Ariana9098 - 2012-07-29
    She looks a lot like the rabbit pictured above.
  • Charlie Roche - 2012-07-29
    There really isn't an accurate way for us to determine the breed of your little one.  Could be a Rex but it could be a cross and look like a Rex.  Much depends on size, fur, coloring etc.  If she is a cross - could look like mom or dad or grandparents. 
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Loretta - 2012-05-04
What can I bathe my bunny in? What can I use on him?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-05-04
    You do not bathe a bunny as they are extremely clean and wash their coat similar to a cat. If needed, you can brush them to remove excess or lose fur.
  • stu - 2012-10-21
    take your bunny swimming, try and keep their ears out of water to avoid problems. my 2 new z's love it and my valvetteen rex hav a blast. obviously make sure the lake or water your dipping them in is safe. if u swim in it they will....this will also give them somethin todo .(grooming all afternoon)
Verity Johnson - 2007-11-12
My New Zealand white is very calm and very nice.

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  • Anonymous - 2012-10-20
    I agree
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Marie - 2012-10-19
Hi Charlie TGIF!!!! Its Marie again I have Snowball the holland lop bunny. I have it running between the kitchen and hall its gated off. He's still pooping all over we had him trained to go in his cage but he does not do it anymore I am not sure if he thinks that this spot is his cage or what its been going on for awhile. We never litter box trained him because he would not go in it. During the day I let him have the run of the house for a couple hours and he loves it he binks (SP). But when he's running around he also poops and pee's where he;s running..l What should I do I am nervous about puting him into the cage at night when we go to bed to retrain him I feel its cruel because the cage is small. Do you have any suggestions??? Thank You so much P.S. He is very spoiled I donnot think he knows he's a bunny I think he think he's one of us LOL!!!!

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  • Erin - 2012-10-19
    Hi Marie, I'm not Charlie, but I have an English Lop (Max) that does the same thing. He gets to stay in his cage when I get tiered of picking up Easter Eggs and wiping up the floor. He doesn't seem to mind, he also has a smaller cage. Have you tried to put several litter boxes out just to see if he will use it. I would even lay out papers because you can roll them up and put it in the trash. I have thought about having Max fixed but didn't know if it would help. I think it could because it looks like he is kind of marking when he does this.
  • Marie - 2012-10-19
    Thank you so much Erin!
Brittney - 2012-10-18
Hi there, My name is Brittney and I am a preschool teacher and one of my co teachers just got a bunny for her classroom. I am concerned that this little guy (Thumber) doesn't get the proper care. He is usually in his cage all the time unless being cleaned. I was wondering if you could give me a detailed list about how to care for this bunny, ways to potty train, diet, play, how long a day he should be out of his cage etc. He is such a lover, and it makes me sad he doesnt get the attention he deserve, therefore i will be taking it on myself. So this info would be soooo greatly appreciated!!! He is about 7 months old. It would also be nice to get info about being around children ways to maybe make it more comfortable for him, the more the better on all the above! :) thanks

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-10-18
    Litter training is pretty easy but needs consistancy.  Having the rabbit stay nights and weekends at school may make it a bit hard.  Normally they will pick favorite spots to go to the bathroom.  When you figure it's spots put a litter box there with some of it's droppings inside the box.  If you want it to learn the box over the spot, place a few litter boxes throughout the room with their droppings in it and they will usually get the hint. 

    They rabbit will need a lot of touching and attention to make it calm when handled.  First the kids will need to be educated and closely monitored.  He will need exercise like any animal, unless the cage is huge will need time to stretch and run.

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