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   Mice continue to be one of the most popular "pocket pets", a term used with small pets that will fit into your pocket! 
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lee thomas - 2004-01-18
i noticed a comment in the main window saying that you can hold baby mice as soon as they are born. in some cases this is true but more often then not newborn baby mice that are held by peaple will be eaten by the mother i have expirenced this my self and thought i should shere my thoughts.

Adam - 2004-01-08
hi, i have just recently bought a pet mouse her name is mini is is so buitiful she has a very shiny black coat.

and i just wanted to say this website was a big help with filling me with knollodge about mice thanks

ratts - 2003-12-31
I just wanted to say from my experience I have raised hundreds of litters of mice. To the person who said the pinkies will be eaten if you touch them, the pinkies are ate often times if a lot of inbreeding has happened, also if something is wrong with them, we cant see it , but the mother knows if they are not right, that my seem cruel and disgusting but ALL animals naturally know if something is not right with their baby. Some will abandon them, some will kill them, and for some reason some will eat then(in my openion they eat them because they cant abandon them since they are confined to a cage, and if they kill them, they need to dispose of them) mice however are ones who chose, to kill and eat them. Squirrels for example will throw the babies out of the nest. Mice are also often times extremely inbreed, which of course can cause all sorts of problems. Males in my expereince, will sometimes, although not always eat the babies, and of course overcrowding in a cage will cause them to eat each others babies. I have had some males that are as much a part of the babies as the mother, and other males who would rather eat them. If your mouse eats the babies i suggest you quit trying to breed that mouse, or take in to consideration your housing. Outside of doing a head count daily there is no reason to handle the babies the first several days-even up to a week-which you dont neccesarily need to handle them to count them. They are very delicate, and even as careful as you can be you can damage them. Maybe that is a reason the mother eats them only after you touch them. if you have noticed when you handle them, all organs are vary noticable through the skin, and can be damaged vary easily.

bob - 2003-12-21
I beg to differ on a previous comment that pinkies CAN be picked up as soon as they are born. I have raised hundreds upon hundreds of mice and never once have I had that problem.

Lauren - 2003-12-16
Thank you so much for this information. I am doing a science fair project with fancy mice and you site has been helpful!!! Thanks alot.

Geraldine - 2003-12-14
My cleo just had her first litter and I just have to say that female mice make wonderful mothers! My cleo just loves her babies; whenever she leaves them she aways makes sure they are covered.

Emily Seastrand - 2003-12-03
My mouse Charley is incredibly smart!I put a paper hat and a paper towel roll in his cage and he put the paper towel roll part way into the paper hat to make himself an igloo!I use dog food for an occasional treat and he loves it.

faith - 2003-11-08
My mouse punkin had her first litter yesteray they are the most adorable things i have ever seen. all my friends want one because they are really good pets.(unless you have a cat i found this out the hard way)

Dave - 2003-10-31
You should not hold pinkies as soon as they are born, you should wait 2 to 3 days before handling them. Saying that most mothers dont care is not proper information. Improper handling can cause a mother mouse to eat her young. This would not be very pleasant to a new mouse owner. I understand this is only a general care page, but you should rethink and reword your section on mice, as there seems to be some incorrect and misleading information. I applaude you for your effort, but being an experienced mouse owner I know the truth.
dave<:3}~...moderator:muzzymouse(yahoo group)

Da T - 2003-10-29
I have found that mice make great pets because you can take them almost anywhere. I travel with my mice all of the time and they seem to enjoy the adventures that we have.
Some good treats I have found for my mice are cheerios and grapes. As for bedding, I have never tried pine, but they seem to like aspen a lot.
Thanks for the tips!