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   Mice continue to be one of the most popular "pocket pets", a term used with small pets that will fit into your pocket! 
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Anonymous - 2004-05-06
Mice are good. I like mice. They are cool. I keep 20 in my locker. I like them. Mice are my friends. Thank You.

Emily - 2004-05-05
hi. my name is emily. i just got 2 mice a couple of days ago. i have had them before. they are so cute. they love toliet paper rolls and they are two girls. they sleep a lot but they play alot too! i hope people get to see that they are not mean or dirty....they are actually pretty clean! hope everybodys mice are good!

Leanne - 2004-04-29
Your site gives some useful info. But you can add pics. of ideal cages etc. And put in a lot more information.
I have 4 mice, 2 in a seperate cage from the other two. One of my mice jumps really high to grab on to the bars only problem is that she can escape through them. Any more toys etc. to keep them occupied(bad point anything too tall i.e wheel my mouse loves to climb on to bars on cage and/or escape(she has once))

Dolly - 2004-04-29
I strongly reconmend that please do not use pine shreddings or the white shreddings, that is what killed both of my last two rats. My recentlly last one, Barbie ended up getting amonia and the pine shredding damaged her lungs, I sadly watched her pass right in front of me. My exotic vet dr. told me that those are no good for any small animal bunnies etc.. He told me to use corncob, you can find it at any pet store. that is what I use for my two mice that I have now. I hope that if you are using the pine shreddings or anything else that you strongly take my advice for the corncob before you have to go through what I went through. Barbie has been gone since Christmas and I am very sad about her passing, Imiss her so much and wish I would of known this before so I could of saved my princess.
Gloom Rat Heart

Hannah - 2004-04-24
I have caught a few wild mice maybe 30 or so in one big bunch and i cant sex them yet. they are the cutest little babies and i havent named em but i will when i can tell them apart. they will probly stick to you like a puppy but ive only had em for 2 days and theyre already eating there food they dont carry any dieseases i hope but you see they were abandoned on my doorstep by a drunk .theyre cute ums.

Sue-Z-Q - 2004-04-15
I have found that pine and cedar bedding causes respiratory problems with all small rodents, especially mice. I am not trying to go against anything anyone else beliefs, its just my personal experience that aspen is safer and better. Also, I dont reccomend feeding any small pet anything from Kaytee since they still use a pesticide in their food that was banned from use on human food.

Emika - 2004-04-15
we just had baby mice in our class and the mom had 11 of them....and her sister mouse,who lives in the same cage is realy protective of the baby mice that look like little red peanuts my teacher knows cant look at them or tuch the baby mice or the mom will kill them.....!!!!just dont look at them 2 much and stay away the mom is realy stressed and she needs her time 2 get use 2 the little mice.....We did this 2 the mice in our class and all of them are still alive and very healthy!!! so you shouldent tuch the babies .....for the first week just feed the mouse where her food normaly is and dont look or tuch the babies for the first couple of weeks!

crystal owen - 2004-03-25
i am glad to see that there are other people out there that are just as happy to have a mouse as a pet. i just have one. for your information i think that my female mouse is going to have lil ones but i cant tell.

gert, Victoria, Australia - 2004-03-18
i have two mice - shagga and mustad! they have just had a litter of 10 babies, but five got eaten. i figure they must have been sick, because mother always knows best. two i have named coz their patches are the same as rottweilers!!! mice r cute... but i wouldnt recommend having breeder mice if u cant or wont put in the time!

Jason - 2004-03-12
your mouse is cute. My mouse just had babies 4 days ago. they are cute and look like jellybeans. the mum is called princess and is my bestest pal.I am 11 years old butt i still love them.