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   Mice continue to be one of the most popular "pocket pets", a term used with small pets that will fit into your pocket! 
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Sarah - 2004-06-04
I just got 2 mice today for my birthday, but I have had them before and they had babies so i have been through the whole breeding thing, but the thing is today when i was at the pet store the sign said that all the mice were females and i was kinda bummed out because i like the babies but i got to any ways i names one elvis and one scabbbers even though they were both girls. well mky sister was holding elvis and noticed a little thing if you catch my gist, is this how you determine the sex of mice? If any one can answer my questions just write to me at Thanx

Terry Logan - 2004-06-02
We recently acquired our first mice - 3 of them and were told they were all female. Well, 2 were female. We put the two females in a separate cage because you could tell they were about to deliver. One of them did. They first born was eaten by the other pregnant female. So they were separated. Any comments would be welcomed.
Thanks, Terry

Brent - 2004-05-27
Hi, my name is Brent and im 12, I bought 3 mice a few days ago, 2 fancy mice and one common mouse. Two of them are boys and one was a girl until she passed away. I took her back to the store and got a new female. One of the males is hostile to the other ones and injured the other male, Minkus. The other males name is Babelicious,(Its my brothers common mouse) and the dead female was Boopy. The new female is Ling Ling. I am trying to breed them, but Babelicious keeps attacking the two fancy mice. They get along sometimes also.

Anonymous - 2004-05-25

I recently bought a female mouse ( Onyx, ) that was supposedly kept with all females. Little did I know, a week and half later I have seven, beautiful, bald mouse pups. I look back at the moment I chose Onyx and out of all ten Black female mice I chose her the pregnant one, I know now I would not trade her, for any other mouse in the entire mousey world.

Marissa - 2004-05-24
I have 150 mice.I love having mice they are great pets.I show them and breed them for a job.I now have baby mice for sale if anyone wants to buy one.

kylie - 2004-05-17
Hi my name is Kylie Ihave 7 baby mice and two adalts mice

emma - 2004-05-09
I think this is a very good website for people who want mice and are going to get them, because it tells u how to look after them, what mouse to pick when u go to the pet shop, and how to feed them etc. Mice are very cute as well. I would say they are the best pet you can have in a cage. You have done an excellent job on this web site!

Anonymous - 2004-05-06
Mice are good. I like mice. They are cool. I keep 20 in my locker. I like them. Mice are my friends. Thank You.

Emily - 2004-05-05
hi. my name is emily. i just got 2 mice a couple of days ago. i have had them before. they are so cute. they love toliet paper rolls and they are two girls. they sleep a lot but they play alot too! i hope people get to see that they are not mean or dirty....they are actually pretty clean! hope everybodys mice are good!

Leanne - 2004-04-29
Your site gives some useful info. But you can add pics. of ideal cages etc. And put in a lot more information.
I have 4 mice, 2 in a seperate cage from the other two. One of my mice jumps really high to grab on to the bars only problem is that she can escape through them. Any more toys etc. to keep them occupied(bad point anything too tall i.e wheel my mouse loves to climb on to bars on cage and/or escape(she has once))