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   Mice continue to be one of the most popular "pocket pets", a term used with small pets that will fit into your pocket! 
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Don - 2004-09-20
The mouse is so cute!

Chris N. - 2004-09-19
well i have done a "study" and my mouse loves Kix, and really they r good for them.

Cleo - 2004-09-04
I have a Male and female mice, but i think the female is pregnant because she is in the same cage as the male. my mom says we should give the babies to the pet store but the store i got them from sold mice as snake food. I want to find good homes for them all.

Jord - 2004-09-01
I have had many little mice before and they are so cute! Ive tried lots of different housing including wire cages, fish tanks, plastic tanks and they all work well. I want to breed a pair of mice and have babys but I am still waiting for my mum to say yes. Also, all my mice seem to become over weight very quickly? I feed them normal hamster and mouse food and only occasionaly give them treats bought from pet shops. They always have an exercise wheel too. please could you tell me how to prevent this on your mouse page. Thank you.

casey - 2004-09-01
I love mice i have been breeding tham for years and it is fun breeding tham i also think thay make good pets mice are great!.

eeksJ - 2004-08-22
My friend found 2 baby mice in her back yard. Their mother had been killed, so she gave the mice to me and I am raising them. One is a boy and one is a girl, or so we think, Buffy and Scooter. Scooters eyes are open but Buffys are still closed. We are feeding them with eyedroppers using baby formula, but i read somewhere that we should use soy. Anyway, they are doing okay so far! We love them!

chris - 2004-08-14
Hello, i have recently gotten 2 baby mice, and they are so cute, i am not sure of their gender yet, but i think it is a girl and a boy. They were originally named Pooey and Louie(because i bought them from a girl at achool) but i have lovingly renamed them, Batman and Jesus

kristen - 2004-07-27
I like baby micce.

gracie raaum - 2004-07-25
i had a pet mouse named Jordyn. she died on christmas but she was old. she ate about $15.00 worth of food every five months. she loved to be held. mice are really nice if you care for them.

torie - 2004-07-23
i had a pet mouse named chester for almost two years and my whole family became adapted to it. it was a great pet but then it died.