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   Mice continue to be one of the most popular "pocket pets", a term used with small pets that will fit into your pocket! 
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Tasha Turner - 2004-11-22
Mice are fun but it comes with responsibility and one fact, make sure you have an air freshner.

Anonymous - 2004-11-16
These mice are awsome to keep and many will enjoy them.

Ana Suarez - 2004-11-14
I think that having a mouse could be inportant especialy for children
because it shows them responsiblity and love for other animals.

Lisa - 2004-11-03
iv got 9 mice 6 males and 3 females......they are so friendly apart from 1 male who lives on his own because hes a bully x

Seamus, mouse lover - 2004-11-01
I just got pet mice i think they are the cutest little bundles of joy and they get along with my cat which is good!

erika - 2004-10-25
I have 10 mice 8 of which are 3 week old babies. the daddys name is pinkie and the mommys name is mocha-luna. I wasnt intending on getting pinkie, my cousin and his friend went to the store to get feeder mice for his pet snake. they got 4, they killed 2, who knows what they did with the third one. they were about to kill pinkie when i told them id pay 4 bucks for it. then i wanted him to have babies so i bought moch-luna. now i have 8 little babies. im going to use them for my science fair project. im doing "does different kind of music affect the average speed that a mouse completes a maz?" yah

Ridge Dogg - 2004-10-14
My mice willard and fred goobody have been good together since i got them until one day i clean the cage out. Then i put them back and they start to fight bad. Anything fred would do willard would beat him up. Fred did nothing and willard beat him up. Then i put willard in timeout all night long, when i woke up he was gone. I came home that day, looked on the table, and there he was. i was so glad i got him back, but now i got two cages. they are ok now. I might one day put them back together but i will have to wait and see. peace out Ridge Dogg

jessica - 2004-10-13
My mice are amazing. I originally started with two (brit and christi) and one day britney figured out how to get out of the cage and christi was getting lonely, so i bought what i thought was a female mouse. but when i got home i realized it was a male, so i named him justin. two weeks later brit returned one morning, and no one in my house said they had put her back, so then i had three mice. then britney had 13 adorable babies. The daddy takes care of them soo well. I was kinda afraid cause i heard the father ate the babies.. but he carrys them around and snuggles with them all the time!

Amanda Bandziukas - 2004-10-12
I have a female mouse named Atreya. She is so cute she is white with black spots(looks just like a cow). She used to have a lover who was also female. She was named Cambria. She was white with a black spot on her butt. Atreya ate the bottom of her chin. Atreya had gotten hungry because we forgot to feed her so she sacrificed her lover. I miss Cambria, and Atreya hates me with a passion. Everytime I go to hold her she jumps or bites really hard. Cambria died in July. She was a really sweet mouse and is missed greatly. Atreya also plays with the dog. My dog would never hurt a living creature.

cassie - 2004-10-11
i have wanted a fancy mouse for about 4 years but my step-mom is terrified of them well i still like to look them up and dream that i have one. i think there the cutest things in the whole world and when ever i get my own house im gonna buy one-yay lol