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   Mice continue to be one of the most popular "pocket pets", a term used with small pets that will fit into your pocket! 
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jen - 2005-01-08
MY mouse used to be frightened everytime someone passed the cage. It was really sad how he would cower in the corner. When handled, he peed all over us. Being a male, he really stank.
One day he escaped his cage. Over 2 1/2 months, he ran throughout the house, showing up in doorways to see us and crawling along the back of the couch. It was kind of funny. I left no food or water out so I have no idea what he survived on or where he lived. He did however, chew through a bag of flour. We had humane traps everywhere but he was never fooled.
Early one morning at 4a.m. I woke up hearing him scurring around my bedroom. I turned on my light to find him in my garbage pail. He was trapped!!!
I put him in an escape proof area till morning. I bought a huge aquarium at a garage sale that week.
Since the escape and 2 1/2 months of surviving on his own, my mouse is quite the social little guy. He jumps into my hands and runs around my shoulders when I clean out his home. He gets especially excited when I fill his food bowl. He seems to really appreciate the regular meals. At Christmas he had turky, a pea and some potatoes. He also gets quite excited when I give him new toys to play with.

Jenn - 2004-12-31
I just got my mouse and I named it Moosie.She is so cute but it is taking her awhile to warm up.....Even though I just got her I hope she warms up soon so I can have all the fun in the world with Moosie.

Matt - 2004-12-27
Hi! I think that mice can make GREAT pets if they are cared for properly. They are friendly, inquisitive and playful. I havenever bred mice but hope to one day. Like animals???? Why not join my pet forum at thanks!

Mice R cool!!!!!

Klara Bartos - 2004-12-21
Mice are loveable creatures, and are a great pet for people of all ages. i have had mice for roughly a year, and have found them enjoyable and fascinating pets.

Mice, although are sociable creatures who enjoy company, can be kept alone, but ONLY if they are given a stimulating environment and continuous human contact and love.

When choosing a sex, i think that females are easier to an extent.
I have kept various female mice together, and they love snuggling up and grooming eachother.
the male mice i have had fought for dominance when they meet, but usually they can get used to eachother in time.

When breeding mice, i find the harem method useful; this is when three or more females are kept with one male over a period of time.
Also, if a female is having pups, she should be kept with her female cagemate, because on most occasions, the cagemate will babysit for her, and help her with the pups.
Furthermore, if two females are both having babies at aroung the same time, i find that they take care of eachothers litters.

Mice are also easy and cheap to look after.
good and safe cages for mice are the habitrail mini, the crittertrail cages and the S.A.M cages. all these cages have tube attachments so that you mouse can live in a stimulating and fun environment. and althought expensive, they are worth every cent.

Glass aquariums also work well for my mice. I have added toys like toilet rolls, egg cartons and hammocks to play on.

Rachel - 2004-12-12
mouseys are super cute but just a little advice - make sure you get your mouse from a trustworthy pet store - both of mine recently got cancerous tumors after only having them a year. the vet said this is common among rodents, mainly because of poor pet-store breeding. now one of them is gone and the other is extremely depressed after losing its only friend. i dont know what to do; it may not get along if i got another mouse.

tamara - 2004-12-02
mice are very cute and playful , i advise you all to get one

Hannah - 2004-11-29
i have 2 fancy mice, Tacoma and Smokey -Star. They are GREAT pets!

Tasha Turner - 2004-11-22
Mice are fun but it comes with responsibility and one fact, make sure you have an air freshner.

Anonymous - 2004-11-16
These mice are awsome to keep and many will enjoy them.

Ana Suarez - 2004-11-14
I think that having a mouse could be inportant especialy for children
because it shows them responsiblity and love for other animals.