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   Mice continue to be one of the most popular "pocket pets", a term used with small pets that will fit into your pocket! 
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Heather - 2005-03-12
my mice are so funny,they crack me up!

John + Lau - 2005-03-10
we recently bought two pet mice, little did we know that infact they werent two little boys, but one was a girl, after we soon discovered two little pinkies wobbling around the nest!
unfortunately some how the two babies disappeared :(
but the two mice were at it again last night, so theyre soon to be replaced, woo!

T. L. C. - 2005-03-10
We just got our first 2 mice and adore them! Their names are " Annabelle" and "Ears" because Annabelle is colored like a cow and reminded us of the movie "Annabelles Wish" and Ears was the dog in the movie. They are very cute and curious!

Tabitha Riley - 2005-02-25
ive had mice for about two years now and im very happy that my parents said i could start breeding them :)

mara - 2005-02-23
baby mice are sooo cute!!! if u get them too young they wont last more than a week tho. if they have fur, theyll probably survive, if not, probably not. but if u do get a baby mouse, mix some whipped cream that doesnt have sugar in it with milk and warm it up to feed it. if u have the money, kitten formula works good too! ive already had 6 baby mice. only one had fur. and as far as i know, hes still alive!

Brooke - 2005-02-12
I am Brooke i am 13 and have two mice. They are both male and i used to have then in the same cage until the big one bit the small one on the foot! It started bleeding and bled for a long time. I thought it was best to seperate them. Ever since then they have both had better attitudes and dont nip at me when I reach into the cage to pick them up. So I think it is best to separate the males and not have two together especially when one is much bigger!

Nikki - 2005-02-01
My two year old mouse Skittles loves it when I take a warm, not hot, wet wash cloth and run it over his fur!!!

fiona - 2005-01-18
i think mice make excellent pets! i wanted a ferret but then i stumbled across these little fuzzy creatures! i am currently saving up my money for some i have found some information from websites everywhere! but this site has the best info but.....the only thing is that i now know not to use pine shavings from comments on here! so thanks guys! and soon i will be getting two female mice and i will call them cookie and fudge (yes i have thought of names for them already!!!lol) so thanks 4 tha great info lets hope my mice will have a long healthy and happy life c-ya

ciara - 2005-01-13
mice are first great pets especially for young children!!!

Mice r so cute and so friendly!