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   Mice continue to be one of the most popular "pocket pets", a term used with small pets that will fit into your pocket! 
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Bri - 2005-03-27
I curently have 5 female fancy mice as pets (Domino, Reeses, Leah-La, Teddy Bear, and Sarabi) they have no odor and i have never been bitten. I would recommend anyone to get a mouse as a pet, all 5 of mine have different personalitys and are fun to watch as they interact with one another!

Hilde A. Wulf - 2005-03-20
I have had 2 Fancy Mice in 4 years. 1 boy and 1 girl. When purchasing my first mouse, I realized that some of the mice in the cage had swollen privates. Me and my mom questioned 1 of the petstore people and found out that they were boys and that was infact the way to spot genders in Fancy Mice.
When looking at mice for the second time,(in earnest at least)I noticed that 1 of the younger females had crusties around her eye. Immediatly I questioned the petstore helpers again and found that this was nothing fatal and just to wipe their eyes gently with a warm wash-cloth.

daniel - 2005-03-16
i am studying animal care at college and i found your site interesting, i have a mouse.

you said that you can pick a mouse up by holding the middle of the tail this is not true you can pull the entire tail off, you should hold the tail as close to the body as possible, i dont like this way of handling i scoop the mouse up like a hamster it dosent put strain on the body

Heather - 2005-03-12
my mice are so funny,they crack me up!

John + Lau - 2005-03-10
we recently bought two pet mice, little did we know that infact they werent two little boys, but one was a girl, after we soon discovered two little pinkies wobbling around the nest!
unfortunately some how the two babies disappeared :(
but the two mice were at it again last night, so theyre soon to be replaced, woo!

T. L. C. - 2005-03-10
We just got our first 2 mice and adore them! Their names are " Annabelle" and "Ears" because Annabelle is colored like a cow and reminded us of the movie "Annabelles Wish" and Ears was the dog in the movie. They are very cute and curious!

Tabitha Riley - 2005-02-25
ive had mice for about two years now and im very happy that my parents said i could start breeding them :)

mara - 2005-02-23
baby mice are sooo cute!!! if u get them too young they wont last more than a week tho. if they have fur, theyll probably survive, if not, probably not. but if u do get a baby mouse, mix some whipped cream that doesnt have sugar in it with milk and warm it up to feed it. if u have the money, kitten formula works good too! ive already had 6 baby mice. only one had fur. and as far as i know, hes still alive!

Brooke - 2005-02-12
I am Brooke i am 13 and have two mice. They are both male and i used to have then in the same cage until the big one bit the small one on the foot! It started bleeding and bled for a long time. I thought it was best to seperate them. Ever since then they have both had better attitudes and dont nip at me when I reach into the cage to pick them up. So I think it is best to separate the males and not have two together especially when one is much bigger!

Nikki - 2005-02-01
My two year old mouse Skittles loves it when I take a warm, not hot, wet wash cloth and run it over his fur!!!