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   Mice continue to be one of the most popular "pocket pets", a term used with small pets that will fit into your pocket! 
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Jordan W. - 2005-04-28
Ghost, my mouse is a total chicken, he always runs from me even though he is as healthy as can be. i love him and dislike him at the same.

jessica - 2005-04-27
I just found a mouse today at my friends house. he was almost dead but I kept him and named him Smokey. Now he is running around eating and everything!

Sophia Haworth - 2005-04-27
I had a very small mouse named sarah {formally known as hoodini). I got her when she was just a baby mouse and I could hardly hold her. she never really grew much and one day she escaped. she was so small she slipped through the bars without any difficulty! We caught her a little while later and put her in a small aquarium with a plastic lid and she gnawed a hole in it! Now she is living in my room as a wild mouse {I know this because of the droppings she leaves} And I still have not caught her!

Amy - 2005-04-24
my mouse jack spazs out alot and starts running very fast. it is so weird!

Dylan - 2005-04-12
I have had my albino mouse for two years now. Her name is Moose and I am sad to say that she has a tumor growing on her side and had lost almost all hair on the area. I am very worried about it although she seems to eat and drink fine and continues to run around and visit. Mice make great pets and I am sad to know that she will pass soon.

Marissa - 2005-04-12
I got some fancy mice for my birthday and they were really cute and I loved them a lot. They were both girls.(If you get a guy they stink, and DONT get a guy and a girl together because you may have countless baby mice!) Their names were Ella and Daisy and they were delightful. Ella bit sometimes but she was getting nicer. But a sad thing happened. :( Ella and Daisy developed some little bugs, like lice or ticks or mites. By the time I noticed, it was too late. My poor babies died the next day and we had a funeral for them. goodbye Ella and Daisy.

Tori Cathcart - 2005-04-05
I love animals! Every one in the world should have at least one animal. All animals need a home. Love them and take care of them. They are just like humans.

Jessie - 2005-04-02
my new pet mice r really fun and i love them and always will, bless em. I LOVE THEM AND ALWAYS WILL

jasty - 2005-04-01
they need a balanced diet and multi grain vegetable bars! Tyler and I, have just gotten a pet mouse that is the size of our pinky finger. mice need a loving family to take care of their social needs, or they will be mean. we love mice and should hail them

Matt Poole aka cheese boy - 2005-03-31
I have a mouse. I like it. Its my only friend. i like cheese as gonna buy a $50 wheel of mouse likes cheese too. i called it mr cheesy, we fight over the cheeses alot. he likes it. you could say "i scream for cheese, you scream for cheese, we all scream for cheese!"
mice and cheese rock. love, Matt