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   Mice continue to be one of the most popular "pocket pets", a term used with small pets that will fit into your pocket! 
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micheale - 2005-05-13
when i read this i was amazed. my friend has a female mouse and it smells really bad but here it says that female mice dont smell, that they are odorless. we can tell its a female cause it had babys. they are really cute.

Libby - 2005-05-11
Thank you. At my school i needed to do an information report and i chose a mouse. your website gave me lots of information, i will suggest it to my friends

Katie - 2005-05-10
i have 2pet mice and they are the best thing thats ever happened to me i take them with me everywhere even places im not supposed to school! i love them!

Naomi Stoddard - 2005-05-06
Hey every one, dont u think that mice are the greatest little pets ever. I had two gerbil before and they were ok...well they were not very nice. I had two males. Then I started looking on the net for another little pet to get. I came upon this site and realized after reading all the information and most of the comments, that I decided to get some mice of my own. I have been thinking and reading up on them for about 4 weeks now and reading different sites. I think that this is the best site for information and cute little stories. So Saturday Ive decided Im going to make my way over to the petstore and get three little mice(hopefully girls). I think i will use one of the habitrail cagees(thats what i used for the gerbils) and get some extra tubes for them to crawl through. Wish me luck on my adventure and when i get them i will tell u all about it :)

Haley - 2005-05-06

One time my sister,Julie held my albino fancy boy mouse by the tail and he peed all over her and she did not even notice.

A miracle has happened. My mouse also was sick and the next day I came home from school and he was as good as new. So I cleaned and disinfected his cage and I am now sitting in the same room and taking care of him but I agree with so many other people and he does kinda stink.

Carly - 2005-05-05
i have read all your comments and they were pretty helpful but most of all the whole web site was really helpful. About 25% said that you should never use pine bedding. Thanks Bye!

layla Pearl - 2005-04-28
hi my name is layla and i have 3 pet albino mice! they are sooo.... adorable! they are all girls and one of mine just recently had four babies! hopefully that isnt abnormal to have only 4! lol! well see yall later thanks 4 all your help!!


Jordan W. - 2005-04-28
Ghost, my mouse is a total chicken, he always runs from me even though he is as healthy as can be. i love him and dislike him at the same.

jessica - 2005-04-27
I just found a mouse today at my friends house. he was almost dead but I kept him and named him Smokey. Now he is running around eating and everything!

Sophia Haworth - 2005-04-27
I had a very small mouse named sarah {formally known as hoodini). I got her when she was just a baby mouse and I could hardly hold her. she never really grew much and one day she escaped. she was so small she slipped through the bars without any difficulty! We caught her a little while later and put her in a small aquarium with a plastic lid and she gnawed a hole in it! Now she is living in my room as a wild mouse {I know this because of the droppings she leaves} And I still have not caught her!