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   Mice continue to be one of the most popular "pocket pets", a term used with small pets that will fit into your pocket! 
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sari - 2005-06-18
I have two mice named Cookie and Oreo. they're very sweet and are fun to watch especaly when they build their nest. I am so very glad that we got them, I play with them every day. Anyone who is thinking about getting one should.

Kallica - 2005-06-14
I used to be a gerbil person, but one day I saw a lone mouse at the pet store all alone and felt so sad for it I bought the little thing and brought her home with me. I named her Catnip b/c it just seemed like the most obvious name for a mouse and she is so much fun. She'll do all sorts of neat tricks like walking a tightrope or playing dead which I have no idea how she learned for popcorn. She likes to sit on my head while I'm on the computer and more than once I've discovered her in my pocket while I was out running errands or going to the movies. How she gets out I'll never know.

Anonymous - 2005-06-12
I had 3 pet mice, who all lived for 4 years. After the 2 older ones died, i felt sorry for the younger mouse remaining. So i decided to get it a couple of companions. This was a mistake. The two new young mice seemed to gang up on the older one. Soon they were fighting and squabling over territory. I thought it was only temperary but was shocked to see the older mouse bleeding in the morning (a finger missing!!). So i moved her to a smaller extra cage. It seems that she was too used to her other companions and the 2 new mice werent friendly..

dave<:3}~... - 2005-06-11
Hi! My name is dave. I'm the moderator for Muzzymouse Yahoo Group. Mice are wonderful creatures and make great pets. If you are thinking about purchasing one as a pet, make sure you do your homework! There's a lot to learn. And all too often the pet store employees give out false information. For example, pine and cedar shavings contain 'phenol' oils and are not good bedding materials for any animals. These beddings can cause birth defects, kidney problems and in some cases even death. Also you may be better off getting your mouse from a local breeder, rather than a pet store. All too often pet store mice are overly inbred and may have hidden problems. Another thing to watch out for, is food. You should stick to 13% protein or less. Even 13% may cause skin problems with some mice. Anyway, hope these tips help you to become a successful mouse owner. Come and take a look at some of the mouse chatgroups avalable around the web. They're an excellent source of information.

Sarah - 2005-06-09
One thing you didn't mention which should be avoided is Pine woodchip bedding, this can make your mice sick and also do NOT hold them by the middle of the tail, it should always be at the very base of it (near their bodies) and further away can break the skin off their tails or even make their entire tails come off completely!

Tomas Coronado - 2005-06-07
i have bought myself 2 female fancy mice, Tina and minnie. since i have bought these two mice i have spent all my money and time on them. now my mice couldnt be happier. they are always playing or sleeping and they love the huge cages they have, i attached 2 crittertrail cages for them to have alot of room.

Amanda - 2005-06-06
hi, i have 2 fancy mice savanah and ebony they're very friendly and are so cute! i've had them for 2 months and they make great pets i love them very much.

Seerah from Chalcapa - 2005-06-05
Hi fellow mouse lovers, i am an experienced mouse breeder from Chalcapa. i have bred all types of mus domesticus for about 20 years. i just want to tell all you youngsters about the pros and cons of mouse breeding, or simply looking after a mouse. one of my best experiences with these little critters was when i was 5. i remember that i had a mouse called salwyn the great (named after the perusian explorer) and she was pregnant. she wasnt due for another week, but suddenly babies just started popping out. i counted and counted, they didnt stop!! well, finally after twelve labourios hours salwyn had finished. it took me another hour to count the pinkies, but there were 40 babies. they r adorable!! anyway, right now i own 10 mice (2 young males, 2 older males and 6 females) their names are, bunty, lil', tomash, fliga, pertinka, kinky, herbert, dontie, rawina and clivey. i adore them. to conclude, mice can be great pets, but when choosing, be careful! i knew a friend who got her finger bitten off by a mouse. but thats a rare case. so, enjoy your pet while it lasts.

nick - 2005-05-31
hi my name is nicholas and i think mice rock. i have a horse, dog, guinea pig, hen, rooster and a mouse who is my best pet by far! her name is pokie and she is gorgeous. being a doe she does not stink like males and whenever i try to catch her she hops onto her wheel and starts running on it. but when i do catch her she runs around my shoulder but she never hops off unless i'm on the lounge on where she likes to go on the backrest. i am handling her much less now for she has had a litter of 8 pups and is a top class mother. i hope to have more mice in the future but now it's just me and my pokie.

Ally - 2005-05-29
hi, i have 2 mice both male so they have company. i started with one named caramel because of the colour of him. my friend had a chocolate coloured one and one day she left him with me because i have a cool cage with tunnels. anyways one day my mum said i had to give them away. so i gave them to my next door neighbour who has a little boy and we re-named him negga. he was really scared and i took advice from this site and now he loves everyone. he is active and runs on his wheel everyday and plays with caramel, and now i am happy because he is happy!!! thank you so much! you are soooo cool hehe. bye bye, n remember peace is the word not war!