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   Mice continue to be one of the most popular "pocket pets", a term used with small pets that will fit into your pocket! 
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Emily Hedges - 2005-07-08
We got my mice at a pet Shop. At first,one was being very cautious and tried to bite, but the other was nice and layed back. I thought they were both males but one day I came home and I saw Pinkies! My mice were Steve and Cheeser, but now It`s probably Stephanie and Cheeser. Now they`re being much nicer, but they are also protective of their babies.

Ashley Wutsch - 2005-07-08
Hi i used to be an a mouse breeder. the most ive had were 97. i made a few mistakes and left the males with the females that's how i became a breeder. i always kept the cute one and sold the rest to a petstore. I had a couple dozen mice get out of there cages and they were little adventure'rs in my house.
Its about 2 years later and im back down to 1 and her name is madonna. she's now getting really old, she's lived for about 3-4 years, but will soon be up in mouse heaven where she will be a happy healthy mouse.

Amy B - 2005-07-07
Getting two pet mice was the best thing i ever did. they are so cute and its funny when they move strips of paper around which they cant fit into their bed. they always make a little nest. it's a shame i have to move it. they are the must have pet.

Josh Arlove - 2005-07-07
I just got my 4 mice 3-4 weeks ago and i am finding them to be very in-expensive. i've found the more u handle them the friendlier they are. i regulary change my cage by moving pipes and i clean it every 3 days. I have had a rabbit, but they are more expensive and harder to look after. so i think that mice are cute, lovable, and in-expensive. the best pet ever

Amber - 2005-07-03
Hi there. My children just got two female mice the other day. Their names are "Mew Mouse", and "Snow Girl." These little critters are SO cute! I never knew I could love a lil mouse! LOL They have been a joy to watch and care for.

Nancy - 2005-07-03
I got two mice. they are white. they play and i play with them. one is call Zoey and the other one is luffy

callum p - 2005-06-28
Mice are loveable creatures, and are a great pet for people of all ages. I have had mice for roughly a year, and have found them enjoyable and fascinating pets. Mice are sociable creatures who enjoy company. They can be kept alone, but ONLY if they are given a stimulating environment and continuous human contact and love. When choosing a sex, I think that females are easier to an extent. I have kept various female mice together, and they love snuggling up and grooming each other. The male mice I have had fought for dominance when they meet, but usually they can get used to each other in time. When breeding mice, I find the harem method useful; this is when three or more females are kept with one male over a period of time. Also, if a female is having pups, she should be kept with her female cagemate, because on most occasions, the cagemate will babysit for her, and help her with the pups. Furthermore, if two females are both having babies at aroung the same time, i find that they take care of each others litters. Mice are also easy and cheap to look after. good and safe cages for mice are the habitrail mini, the crittertrail cages and the S.A.M cages. all these cages have tube attachments so that you mouse can live in a stimulating and fun environment and although expensive, they are worth every cent. Glass aquariums also work well for my mice. I have added toys like toilet rolls, egg cartons and hammocks to play on.

harve - 2005-06-28
I have 19 pet mice. They are soooo cute. They are really entertaining. Everyone should have meces' for pets!! They make your live much more joyful. I was going through depression...and then I got mice and they were awesome. They kept my mind entertained. Now I can watch them for hours and hours. They're fascinating little creatures! Wow i love them...always have and always will. If your bored of your life...i recommend mice for therepy

Sarah - 2005-06-21
I breed normal-eared lionheads and they are really fun.
I'm the only breeder in MT who raises lionheads and I love the babies. I've won 15 BOB's with them in 15 shows. I always have babies for sale.

Mouse - 2005-06-20
hi fellow mouse lovers! My nickname is Mouse. I have 2 female mice, named peanuts and smudge. A tip: Do NOT feed your mice peanuts! They love the oil in peanuts and will overeat. Being a mouse, overeating is a drastic thing. I am trying to teach my mice to do a trick. If anyone knows a good one it would be great if you could post it! Mice are intelligent animals! -Mouse