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   Mice continue to be one of the most popular "pocket pets", a term used with small pets that will fit into your pocket! 
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cloakanddagger - 2005-08-08
i will soon have a mouse for free from my teacher. every year he has 4 mice, 3 females 1 male and at the end of the year there's heaps more and he gives them away. once the pregnant female had moved all the wool to the corner right next to the house and the male just kept trying to pull it back in, so the teacher had to put extra wool in and the female used it for the nest. also the pregnat female was trying to get in the house and the male wouldn't let her because he knew that she wanted more wool.
if you read this thanks.....

sofia - 2005-08-05
My brother and I have two mice. Their names are Fuzzball and Speedy Ganzaliys. My mouse likes to play the piano and also likes to type on my computer. My brother's mouse jumps really high! He even runs super fast! They both LOVE cream cheese and kiwi. We put a little cream cheese on the center of the cage top of their home, they figured out how to climb up the climbing sticks and then along the cage top upside down to get it. They are very smart! We love our mice!

Lesie - 2005-07-27
i want a pet mouse, and ive seen them at pet stores... they are SO cute! it sounds like they would be perfect for me!

Laura - 2005-07-25
We just purchesed a cute little white female for our 7 yr. old daughter. she has been the talk of all the kids and they all want to come and see her. Snowflake has been very patient and so sweet with all the kids around. She has also been a great roommate for Ashlea because of some nightmares and Ashlea went right to sleep her first night with Snowflake. She's just been an absolute joy and great smiles for the whole family, I wouldn't have it any other way.

BRITTANY - 2005-07-22
Mice are the best and cutest things in the whole world! I just got a cute little baby mouse. it is the most adorable thing i have ever seen. the reason i have one is because my friend saved it from a cat that was trying to eat it. You are probably wondering why i have it and she doesnt? Well the reason for that is because her mom said no, so i asked my mom and she said yes! so that made me really happy! Anyone who doesnt have a mouse needs to get one, so hurry up and go get one from the pet store:)

Dinnie Ee - 2005-07-22
Hi! I have two mice and they are male and female. The male is Twitchy and the female is Junior. They are extremely cute and it is easier to handle Junior than Twitchy because Junior will not bite. Once, Junior escaped and for one week without food or water. Then after exactly one week, my neighbour caught it and we were glad. Now Junior is very fat and gobbles up whatever food there is. Junior loves to come onto my palm and it is very fun, I love it very much and it is very cute. When there are babies, I will wait for them to grow up a bit and then I will give some to my friend. Junior is not shy at all and loves to climb up anybody's arms. Twitchy is very naughty, it always bites me and my friends. Maybe you should get a mouse too and you will experience it.

kitty - 2005-07-21
my mice are so cute. suger and buttercup are doing great. i have big playpen in the coner of my room. a lot of people think they are pests, but i think they are such a good pet

Lauren - 2005-07-15
i've had my mouse for probably one year and my sister,nicole, has one. mine's name is roxy and nicole's name is muffin.they are so cute. i just love them. they live with my dad and his dog is scared of them. roxy is white with a black spot near her tail and muffin is white with 2 black spots. i think girl mice are easy to take care of.

kylie - 2005-07-14
mice are great pets. they dont take up a lot of space and they are also inexpensive to keep. Females are not as smelly as the male as the males have a musky smell. I have just had a litter of 8 babies and they are a week old now. i cant believe how quick they grow, they have fur and are walking round the cage already!.
I would never have any other rodent, like a rat. i just prefer the laid back approach that the mice have and they are very friendly and easy to care for. mice are the best pets you can have if you havent got alot of space or money.

emma - 2005-07-09
I have a pet mouse named Penelope. To me, mice can become very social with you. If you are angry or sad a lot, this is the pet to get! It almost seems like the mouse is listening to everything you are saying. They are easy to care for, fun, clean, and soft all the time!!!

A great choice for kids like me!