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   Mice continue to be one of the most popular "pocket pets", a term used with small pets that will fit into your pocket! 
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Patti - 2005-09-01
I never though I could love a mouse, but I do. She is actually my daughter's mouse and is totally adored by the whole family. Her name is Ginny and she is a real character. Very sweet, very active especially during the night. Her cage is in the livingroom along with our amazon parrot, Sam. At night however, I move her to another part of the house because she can be a bit noisy. She likes to move things around. She loves treats and begs like crazy for them. Ginny is always gentle and we take her out and play with her at least once a day. She enjoys rolling around in her ball and we also have a large playpen where she runs like mad. You can't leave her alone when she is in the pen though, mice are great escape artists.

Robyn - 2005-08-31
I have the cutest little mice ever! They are awesome pets. Mine like walking on my hands

laura vee - 2005-08-30
Mice make wonderful pets and can live happily in almost any kind of cage. I have had mice for six years now. mice are much more active then hamsters

Karmen - 2005-08-25
I had two mice called Dana and Sculley and they where lovely docile creatures but sadly got cancer and had to be put to sleep!

Hannah K - 2005-08-16
I was worried if I ever got a female mouse that the male would eat her pups if she became pregnant. Thanks to the site I know many do's and dont's. Mice are great pets that everyone can care for. It's good to know how to keep them alive and well.

Jennifer - 2005-08-13
I'm Jennifer. 10 years old. I've gone through 3 mice and have a 4th. My current is squeaks, a blonde fancy female mouse. I love her so much.

J. Andrew - 2005-08-10
Thank you so much for this site. Someone in my family recently did something extremely unkind to a house-mouse she found (out of ignorance). Ever since this incident, I have researched these wonderful creatures so that I might be prepared if I ever find a mouse. Now I know what I'll do if God sends one my way! Thanks for providing such thorough information.

cloakanddagger - 2005-08-08
i will soon have a mouse for free from my teacher. every year he has 4 mice, 3 females 1 male and at the end of the year there's heaps more and he gives them away. once the pregnant female had moved all the wool to the corner right next to the house and the male just kept trying to pull it back in, so the teacher had to put extra wool in and the female used it for the nest. also the pregnat female was trying to get in the house and the male wouldn't let her because he knew that she wanted more wool.
if you read this thanks.....

sofia - 2005-08-05
My brother and I have two mice. Their names are Fuzzball and Speedy Ganzaliys. My mouse likes to play the piano and also likes to type on my computer. My brother's mouse jumps really high! He even runs super fast! They both LOVE cream cheese and kiwi. We put a little cream cheese on the center of the cage top of their home, they figured out how to climb up the climbing sticks and then along the cage top upside down to get it. They are very smart! We love our mice!

Lesie - 2005-07-27
i want a pet mouse, and ive seen them at pet stores... they are SO cute! it sounds like they would be perfect for me!