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   Mice continue to be one of the most popular "pocket pets", a term used with small pets that will fit into your pocket! 
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celticbookworm - 2005-09-23
my male mice are more loving than my females to each other. they groom each other. they didn't grow up together either. the one is the other ones father. i guess there is an exeption to every rule

Sammie B. - 2005-09-19
Well I have a very cute mouse, her name is bessy. I noticed some scabby areas around her ears, so I looked up this web site. The info was very helpful to me!! This is a great site!

Megzy - 2005-09-18
Hey, I have borris, he is a grey mouse with a creame belly and today i brought him a girlfriend. her name is possum nd she is grey with white specks all over her. so hopefully with any luck we will have babies in the near futhure. I love them to bits they are my favorite animals in the world!
Love Megzy. Xox

Sarah Rodriguez - 2005-09-17
I currently have a pet mouse named Copernicus. I have been a mouse owner for almost ten years. They are the best companions anyone could ask for. It is important to hold them a lot when they are a baby so they get used to human contact as well as your smell. Copernicus is so tame he thinks he is a dog and even licks my hand. He loves to be held and rides around w/ me in my sleeve as often as he can. If you are a new mouse owner, don't forget that they also loved to be talked to and soothed. Copernicus knows the sound of my voice and comes out of his house to "visit" w/ me whenever I say his name. Have fun and enjoy pet mouse he/she will bring you lots of happiness!

brittani amanda - 2005-09-17
i am getting a mouse from my parents and i just wanted to say that this site helped me so much. now i know like everything about them! i love mice and i think they are so cute.

daisie - 2005-09-13
about a week ago i bought 2 male mice and they are JUST SO CUTE!
they were already pretty tame because i think they were handled in the pet shop. they get on alright because they grew up together; their names are Milo and ZIpper AND I LOVE THEM to BITS! i would STRONGLY advise anyone considering keeping a small pet to tihnk about getting mice - they are JUST ADORABLE and so easy to care for and affectionate!
x~daisie~x, 15yrs old today!(ITS MI BIRTHDAY h

Karl - 2005-09-10
I have recently bought an "elephant-mouse'. She is so cool. She has no fur, she is pink and really small with big cute ears. They are the best looking pets ever, even cutter than any other types of mice. I bought her another cage to give her more space, connected by tubes to keep her occupied. I was wondering if she has all this space, maybe she would like a friend in there with here. But I wasn't sure if I could put one in with her. Thanks to this website, now I know they will be fine as long as I get another female. Thank you for the info!

michael - 2005-09-10
My name is michael and i am starting a project at school with mice, the white ones with the red eyes. and i was just reading the information on the mice and i intend to use it with mine when i receive it at school. we are doing the maze experiment were the mouse has to go through the maze and get the motivater whether it be cheese or fruit or whatever.

Amy - 2005-09-08
I use to volunteer at a animal shelter when i was 16 and got bit by a 26 now and was terrified of them untill my b/f talked me into getting one to get over my fear of mice...slowly but surely i am getting over my fear of mice i can actually pet them now let alone be in the same room as one...i love my mouse...we named her speedy.she's black and white...the cutest thing in the world with tons of personality.

bvjhcbhjb - 2005-09-05
Mice LOVE popsicle sticks. You can buy them or (which would be better) eat a popsicle and give them the stick. They would probably like that better. But I highly recommend to just eat a popsicle and let them have the stick.. DO NOT give them chocolate!!! They just like the fruity flavor.