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   Mice continue to be one of the most popular "pocket pets", a term used with small pets that will fit into your pocket! 
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S - 2005-10-31
A year ago, we accidentally acquired a white mouse. I decided we could give her a try, and she is a great pet. In fact, we bought two more females to keep Miss Bianca company. They are great pets for small children. Mice are very sweet and friendly and have lots of personality. In the past, I have had hamsters and gerbils, but mice are more fun and much more tame.

Anonymous - 2005-10-30
i had a mouse and it got a tumor it died. its absence shocked the father and he did not take care of the baby mouse.

Maggie kruger - 2005-10-28
hi i will soon be getting mice a science fair project to see what nutrients are better for them this site is great and ive learned alot thanks!!!!!

Lacey - 2005-10-28
I really thought your site was informative. It told me what I needed to know. Good Job! Lacey.

ABBY - 2005-10-27
I just got 2 female mice named Cleo and Patra! I love them so much and wish everyone could know how nice mice are!

Anonymous - 2005-10-22
Mice are such nice pets. I definitely recommend getting one as a pet.

Arienette - 2005-10-21
I bought a mouse ten days ago and fell in love with him instantly. His name is dusty. This morning, before school, I found dusty barely able to walk, and abhorrently weak. He's dying. Apparently, he's dying from lonliness. I love this thing to death, so I guess as a warning, its good to buy mice in pairs, so they aren't depressed.

Jenna - 2005-10-19
I got a mouse very suddenly, about last year. I had spent the night with my grandma and we were heading back to my house, so my grandma could come celebrate my mom's birthday. We were talking about how my mom had gotten my grandma a mouse for her birthday when she was a girl. And my grandma didn't really like mice. Well, we turned around, went to petco, got an adorable albino mouse and planned to give it to my mom for HER birthday! We got the mouse out of the "cheap" aquarium, all the one's that are just a buck, because they eventually become snake food. (i saved the poor things life!) lol. But that was last year and Trixy has died since then, but was a much loved little mouse.

Amanda - 2005-10-13
I recently obtained two mice, Peanut and Noodle, and they are both Wonderful pets! Peanut is quite the escape artist. :) if you decide to get mice, make sure that you get more than one, because they get lonely easily.

I <3 MICE !!!

Lou - 2005-10-12
i have two female mice and they have been fighting. so guys watch out, your's could too