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   Mice continue to be one of the most popular "pocket pets", a term used with small pets that will fit into your pocket! 
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Carissa - 2005-11-18
I bought 2 female mice from a local pet store, and when I got them home they were very skittish and jumpy. i still havent gotten them used to me but one of the mice was a male and one was a female. two days ago my mouse had babies and i have been waiting for this for a while. i used to bred mice when i was younger and i absolutly love them. This site is very helpful for me because i forgot all the basics as it has been atleast 8 years since i had a mouse have babies. the babies are doing very good now and she had 10 of them. The mother mouse is black and white, her name is Yoshii. The Father is brown and white and his name is tommae. But I always though you had to take out the father mouse when the mother had babies. i've been told that they eat them but i guess you can't believe everything you hear! Well thanks again for making this page, its really helpful!

Tyler - 2005-11-17
I have brought my mouse to school and he always hides. He is a male and his name is squeek. I have brought him out twice and both times he has peed on the floor. I hope I don't have to bring him back home.
I have read everything on this website and it is is very helpful. Now I know why my mouse is not so active, he needs toys! Thank you!

Rachel - 2005-11-11
Mice are very cute and fun to take care of! If you put a treat beetween your fingers and lower it towards the mouse, it will take it from you!

Tessa Jefferis - 2005-11-09
I got two pet mice for my birthday. one of them escaped after our cleaner left the door to my bedroom open so i got another one. At present i have a White mouse called Molly and a grey and white mouse called Hermione. they go every where with me and i find them almost as loyal as dogs!

christina - 2005-11-09
I just want to think you. I had a sick mouse, and i was not sure what to do. The day i noticed it was very sick i did a MSN search on sick pet mice, and your web site was one of the very first ones to pop up. I read your mouse infomation, and did what you said to do, sterlized the cage, and cleaned the mice. I seperated a ten gallon cage with chicken wire to keep the two mice seperated and i made sure that both mice were clean. I washed both mice, using Baby shampoo on the non the sick one. after the sick mouse rested for a wile, it started to eat and drink again. It is doing better, still not a hundred percent. But alot better than before.

Thank you
most helpful mouse info

Sophia Haworth - 2005-11-07
I am a MAJOR mouse lover . My oldest mouse had babies with a wild mouse while I was on camp . I got back in time to see them when they were just born . They wern't cute at first but when they grew fur they were like mini-mice ! All went well with the babies until we got natasha a new roomate , she killed and ate each baby ! now natasha is very sad but we are going to breed her agian so hopefully she will be happy soon !

clsazekiel - 2005-11-07
I had a 'waltzing' mouse for several years as a child. She was wonderfully tame and produced a large litter of waltzing children.. It was quite fun to watch them run in circles and 'waltz' around the cage. They didn't seem to have any ill effects from their condition and lived longer then some of my regular white mice did.

Jacy - 2005-11-06
This website was soooo helpful! Its a good thing people take time to put these things together! It was a major help for my Science Fair Project! Thanks again! : - )

LAINY - 2005-11-05
Thanx 4 all your useful advice on mice as pets.
I honestly cannot see why any person would suddenly jump on a chair and scream if they ever saw a mouse. They are SO cute!!

Between the two mice that have become mothers, our mice have had a total of 24 babies! We are going to sell them once they are weaned, and so I needed some info on how we were going to look after them until then.

And so I was looking all over the internet to find some information on how to look after baby mice. But all I could find when I searched for "mice" or "rats" or "pet mice" were some cruel tips on how to de-mousify your home, or computer mice from eBay. Even when I typed in "rodents" it continued to come up with mouse traps and price cuts on computer software!


Anyway, once again I am very grateful for your help in looking after my mice! I don't know what I would have done without your help.


terry - 2005-11-02
Your site is very helpful and complete. Thanks for the guidance on how to take care of my mice properly. I did not buy these mice. Against my advice, my daughter bought a female white mouse and she just loved it. I thought she was crazy, but by the time she went to college a year later, they became my mice. She had five mice left from a liter of 13, born of her white mouse! Anyway, I am crazy about these little gals. I was home with a back injury and was not very mobile. The mice gave me entertainment, wonder and fun. I told everyone that made fun of me and my mice that they were great pet therapy. I just love them. I find them so much fun. I love finding new things to put in their cage to challenge them. They are very curious so this suits their demeanor very nicely. They seem to enjoy new items which they investigate thoroughly by climbing, nibbling and moving the object around. Yogurt containers with windows cut into the side and top are one of their favortie toys. They like the little compartment to sleep in or just to sit in and watch out the windows. Blocks of wood, a ramp of thin wood, a plastic shelf with legs to go in a small kitchen cabinet makes a great platform for them. I cut off the top of a cranberry juice bottle, removed the cap, cut some holes in the four sides, at different heights and different sizes to make a little gym for them. These are some of their favorite toys. These mice are so easy to care for as long as you find a good litter for the bottom of the tank, and have the patience to handle them and make friends with them. After many tries we have finally found a litter for small animals that looks like a light beige kitty litter, and that has kept the smell down to nothing. I recommend mice for young people and old people. I think they would be a lovely pet for a housebound older person. Having life in the house to watch and enjoy is such a blessing. Thanks again.