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   Mice continue to be one of the most popular "pocket pets", a term used with small pets that will fit into your pocket! 
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Ravana - 2005-11-29
I recently received two mice from a friend of mine who works at a pet store. They were going to feed them to snakes and he couldn't stand the thought. One is a tan male named Timothy and the other is a white and silver(yes silver not grey) male named Pipsqueak. I keep them in seperate 10 gallon tanks and although I have to clean them every other day (because they're both male and in the same room)I wouldn't trade them for the world. I didn't think I'd like having a pet mouse but I really enjoy the companionship they provide and it's always interesting when one of them pokes their head out of my pocket when I'm talking to someone. It's a great conversation starter.

nicole - 2005-11-26
I love my mouse Helena. When I first went to the pet store I was looking for a rat, but then the mice caught my eye. I started asking the people working there about the mice and they had a very high opinion of them. So I figured, what the heck. So I brought little Helena home with me. Shes been living with me for some time now and shes very tame and loves to play and take naps on my stomach when im laying down watching tv. I thought it was going to be hard keeping track of her and I thought she would be very skittish, but shes not. I am so glad I got her and soon I will be making another trip to the pet shop to get her a friend (female of course.)

Bianca Stern - 2005-11-26
Hello I have two female mice. The big one is Lisa who is black and white and the smaller one is Maggie who is grey and white. They love their tunnels, home and wheel very much. Lisa crawls on my hand. It feels kinda nice but Maggie is too scared. I enjoy playing with them VERY much. They are the best. Thanks Animal-World for all of your advice. Bye now.

Sarah - 2005-11-26
I love having mice. I just got 2 new males. They are very small and adorable, I named them louie and mikey. I like having mice because they are small, easy to care for and, fun to play with, also they do not bite and become very tame with you. They even whine for your attention sometimes! letting you know they want to play.! I love them very much. hope you consider having one!

Gloria - 2005-11-26
I have two female fancy mice. They are sisters. They are great pets for my Kindergarteners and for my daughter who takes care of them on some weekends and holidays. They are not messy and are very sweet and cuddly. They will eat right out of your hand if treated nicely and allowed to get to know the handler. If you are looking for a first pet or an easy to take care of pet, they are great. My daughter loves giving them little bits of fresh carrot or pear and keeping fresh water in their cage at all times. I change their cage once a week with fresh bedding. That is how easy and fun it is to own fancy mice! Great Pets!!

rose - 2005-11-24
I had two mice and they had babies and then I had ten. I gave seven to the pet shop and kept four. they were all girls which I named Snowey, Wheeler, Nacho, and Spades and now they're living all peaceful in their cage-Rose Wax

Helen - 2005-11-24
Thank you !! My mouse is really sick right now, and I was trying to figure out what was wrong with it. Now I know! I'm trying to get it to be more active right now. I think it has pneumonia or a respiratory infection. I really hope it gets better.


Sacally - 2005-11-23
Your website is the best website I've seen so far on mouse research, and you give a lot of helpful tips on raising, breeding and choosing mice. Your site has helped me on breeding my own mice. Thanks and keep up the good work on the site, it's great!

Amy - 2005-11-19
Aww i have a pet mouse named stewart... my brother has a snake that i hate... and well stewart was its food... ( i cry every time the snake eats) and well for some reason the snake wouldnt eat stewart! Thank goodness so i took him out of that death trap and have a nice little fluffy cage for him to play in!!! We are finally getting rid of that snake and i plan on getting plenty more mice because well...
STEWY NEEDS A FRIEND! Haha he is putting his bedding in his wheel and running with it and everytime it falls out he stops and puts it back in

Dillion - 2005-11-19
this place has good advice. i got a white mouse named lucky, because she was originally snake food but she escaped the snake. so i kept her, shes a little cutie