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   Mice continue to be one of the most popular "pocket pets", a term used with small pets that will fit into your pocket! 
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stinkerbell - 2005-12-26
i have just taken in 5 male mice who were abandoned on a vets door step in the early hours. they are such colourful little characters, a little whiffy though.

Lauren - 2005-12-24
i had a mouse named roxy and she was fabulous. she died yesterday morning.her sister muffin was so sad. i miss her so much. we buried her out back, but since muffin was sad and needed someone too play with i went to Petsmart and got another mouse. i named her missy boo. we call her missy for short. she and muffin snuggled all last night even though they weren't from the same cage. if you take mice from different cages and plan to put them in the same cage i suggest that you hold them in your hands gently and let them bond. this is easier to do with girls than with boys. Roxy

Natta - 2005-12-22
I recently went to the pet store with the intention of adopting a kitten. It was then that I saw the two most beautiful little mice. I bought them instead. Their names are Oreo and Butterscotch. They are becoming more comfortable with me and I enjoy them. Your website is a wonderful place.

Ryan Mckay - 2005-12-18
Mice have peronalities too! If you keep two male mice in the same cage they will compete for territory and will nibble or even snap at each other to prove domination. If your pet fancy Mouse is fighing with another pull them apart and calm them down gently. Play with them for a few minutes. Some mice are shy and others are adventurous. Be sure to let them loose out of the cage in a safe area for about 15-30 minutes and if they seem shy try to be patient and play with them once-in-a-while. Tame mice will climb onto a persons hand willingly.

LINDSEY - 2005-12-18
I had a lot of questions about mice because I have three, but when I came here I didnt have any more questions! Good work with this website!

alicia - 2005-12-10
I had a cute pet mouse! He was the sweetest little mouse ever! But he died. We will always remember him forever!

Bobby - 2005-12-06
I bought 2 mice, a male and a female and they had 8 pups. I have pine (pestell shavings) and everywhere i read it says they're bad for the mice and will cause them organ problems. I was just wondering how accurate this information was because i don't want to risk they're health by buying this type of bedding. Otherwise the mice have no probelsm and it's really interesting to breed the mice because of the interesting colour mixtures that result and just watching them grow. I would recommend buying or breeding mice to anyone who's looking for an interesting experience and cheap entertainment.

Hannah - 2005-12-04
Their home should have saw dust bedding and a good bedding for their home is wool made specialy for mice. it can be purchused at pet shops. They like to burrow their way in too. a mouse should feel safe in it and so should not be disturbed when sleeping in home. by home i mean a little house like thing inside the cage. they are good because they make the mouse feel safe.

Katy G - 2005-11-30
Excuse me, but in your section for treatment for mouse diarrhea, you wrote to remove vegetation from the cage, but then said "not feed them at all for a few days until he appears to be getting better." This might be misinterpreted, and people may then not feed their mice for a few days rather than simply not feeding them fruits and veggies. I hate to sound petty, but a typo in the hands of the inexperienced may be lethal to their pet. Please correct this.
(Editor, "Done!...thanks for the input.")

L - 2005-11-29
On 9/11/05 i got my new pet mice! the black and white one is called Oreo after the biscuit, and the other one is called Mee-mee after a character in a book. They are the best pets ive had! But im not so good a picking them up! I'm worried they'll jump out the cage! I still love them all the same!