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   Mice continue to be one of the most popular "pocket pets", a term used with small pets that will fit into your pocket! 
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Anonymous - 2006-01-25
I'm only sixteen, and i'm the proud owner of two dogs and five mice, four females and a male (the males kept in a seperate cage...)

I've named my mice Ginger, Milky, Coke and Dover. The male mouse is called Dangermouse! My dogs are called Tucker (pomeranian) and Sandy (german shepherd)

My mum likes the female mice (does) better cause they're smaller than DM, Ginger and Dover are two tri colours (dover is grey, fawn and white and ginger is brown and white with a fawn belly) Milky and coke are two self colours, (coke is black and milky is a creamy brown) DM is Albino. My mice like to throw parties at night and sleep in with ''hang overs'' during the day!

saul medrano (bulldog bruno) - 2006-01-25
thanks to whoever made this web site. man i have been searching for one hour for mice info. for a science fair project. i am so lucky this was my last day of research. i never knew how enteresting mice are. thanks and double thanks

P.S. I am going to SCORE!

Mikade - 2006-01-25
Mice are great pets! They are easy to play with, feed, and look after! They are not some smelly and scary pets, they are cute, cuddly, and sometimes quite funny! I think they are wonderful pets!

Indigo - 2006-01-16
I just got 2 mice today . . . . .
I went to stores and I couldn't find any mouse food anywhere. So I decided to get some wild bird seed. They loved it!!!
Thanx for reasuring me about the water bottles and stuff. My mice already know how to use one.
BTW, by turning a tiny cardboard box into a triangular prism, mice should like to sleep in it. Mine do.

Anne Brown - 2006-01-16
I don't recommended picking your mouse up by the middle of the tail. I did that the other day, the little thing moved, and his tail skin peeled right off!! It was the most horrifying thing I have ever experienced. I would never recommend picking up a mouse that way, you never know how he's going to react as was the case with my little mouse. Lukely, the bony part that remained fell off during the night and now it's all healed, but minus half his tail. Again, I would not recommend picking a mouse up that way. Besides that I love your site, it's full of very useful and interesting information. Thank you

Amber-2006-1/10 - 2006-01-10
I love your information because I have two male mice and that info. will really help. Thanks again!!!

robin - 2006-01-06
I have several small animals, but my two mice, Wilbur and Peaches, are two of my favorites! Your site was such a help with learning how to keep them happy and healthy! Thanks!

Dr. Janet - 2006-01-04
I have been working in this field for many years, breeding and caring for mice, i have to say, is the most satisfying endeavour i have ever experienced. Mice are delightful creatures ,and with the proper attention and caring environment, they will learn to recognise and trust the hand that feeds them; with perseverance, you will be able to develop a strong bond with your tiny friend/s! As far as treats go, i have discvered that mice adore peanut butter (this was by accident i must say)...its probably not a good idea to feed them this. Instead, sunflower seeds, dry bread , cashew nuts and grapes make lovely treats.

Allison - 2006-01-02

Amber - 2005-12-28
I just bought two female "Fancy" mice today. They are adorable, one of them already threw a fit. They are very scared of me, but I think it's okay to be like that at first. They need to get to know me first.