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   Mice continue to be one of the most popular "pocket pets", a term used with small pets that will fit into your pocket! 
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Linnaya - 2006-02-18
I have 2 female mice, Kora and Laila. Laila is white with black patches lopsided down her hack and half of herface. Kora is a long-haired gray, with a beige underside. Laila is not very sociable with people. Kora is just the opposite! Oh, I love them!

Jayde - 2006-02-15
i have two mice i think there are females there names are larka and palla. pretty weird names huh! They are the greatest things a person could have. So if you are looking for a pet get mice

curt - 2006-02-13
i have several mice myself and think they are a interesting pet to keep. i had a couple of litters already and watching the babies grow up is the sweetest thing to watch. it is hard to let them go because they become a part of you, like your children. i sometimes stay up all hours of the night just watching them clean themself's and running around. i don't know, but i think that mice are cleaner then cats. because they get every square inch of their bodies, even in their ears! well, like i said, mice are the purfect pet to have!

Tabitha Riley - 2006-02-08
I recently got three female mice to breed with my albino male, scott. the three females are all very pretty and i cant wait to see what there babies will look like, i also did the same thing last year, but with differnt mice and got some interesting results. the dad that time was brown and white spotted, the first female i bred had nine babies and about three looked like him, the second litter was with a albion female, that time 3 were all brown ant the other 3 looked just like the dad except they were all girls. the third litter was with a black and white banded female with a half black, half pink tale. unfortuatly, she wasnt very well after the birth and wasnt able to produce enought milk for her eight babies, however since the second liter had beeen born one and a half weeks befor i put the third litter with hers and was able to save five of them

Hannah Clark - 2006-02-01
I currently have a male and two females that i am breeding for genetic evaluation. Only one of the females ever has babies though. After the female (albino) and male (agouti) produced a litter, there are 7 brown and 5 white! This is the first step to determining his genotype, next i plan to breed him with a dilute brown or maybe black female. He is such a good dad! He grooms the mother, grooms the babies, cleans the nest, tends to the babies while the mother is "working out", and protects them. I was told to remove the male, but in my experience he helps out a lot. I rescued him from certain death in a bio lab. They make wonderful pets, and the babies are such a joy to raise!

Caroline - 2006-01-31
OMG i just got a mouse and she loves me! the weird thing is that she licks me. well i dont really mind that but i think its cute and funny! i can't wait to get her another female friend that way she wont be lonely.

Elisha - 2006-01-29
wow this is very useful. i just bought 2 male mice(one beige and one white n black). they are adorable but the reason i had 2 buy these was that before when i had 2 male mice they fought and killed each other even though there were no other mice or any females so i was very sad. i also have had hamsters and rats that were cute but i like mice more. anyway they seem really happy and getting along. i just hope they stay that way. i wish i had females but they only sold males. neywys byes<3

Anonymous - 2006-01-25
I'm only sixteen, and i'm the proud owner of two dogs and five mice, four females and a male (the males kept in a seperate cage...)

I've named my mice Ginger, Milky, Coke and Dover. The male mouse is called Dangermouse! My dogs are called Tucker (pomeranian) and Sandy (german shepherd)

My mum likes the female mice (does) better cause they're smaller than DM, Ginger and Dover are two tri colours (dover is grey, fawn and white and ginger is brown and white with a fawn belly) Milky and coke are two self colours, (coke is black and milky is a creamy brown) DM is Albino. My mice like to throw parties at night and sleep in with ''hang overs'' during the day!

saul medrano (bulldog bruno) - 2006-01-25
thanks to whoever made this web site. man i have been searching for one hour for mice info. for a science fair project. i am so lucky this was my last day of research. i never knew how enteresting mice are. thanks and double thanks

P.S. I am going to SCORE!

Mikade - 2006-01-25
Mice are great pets! They are easy to play with, feed, and look after! They are not some smelly and scary pets, they are cute, cuddly, and sometimes quite funny! I think they are wonderful pets!