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   Mice continue to be one of the most popular "pocket pets", a term used with small pets that will fit into your pocket! 
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Anonymous - 2012-09-03
My mouse's ear is bleeding and scratches lots, what can I do?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-09-03
    Clean it with betadine and a cotton ball orq-tip and then put a little neo-porin on it for infection.  Try and see if something is there irritating the ear while you clean it.  Just keep it clean.
  • Anonymous - 2012-09-03
    Ok thank you! She scratches her ear all the time and now it's bleeding, worried about her
Kayleigh - 2012-07-15
I am extremely upset by what has happened with my baby mice tonight. I recently adopted 4 baby mice I found in a nest in my ceiling. Their mother had abandoned them, and against my mothers wishes, I am now fostering them. I keep their cage very clean and feed them a very good balanced diet. However, tonight while playing with my male mouse, I realized he had a hole near back foot. Upon further inspection, this 'hole' was moving! I got very scared and started poking at it. Only to discover theres something living in my baby! I poked around at the hole with a toothpick, and then proceeded to pull this 'slug' out with tweezers. When it came out it was moving, it is about the size of two thumbnails, and is fat and black. I'm very worried, is this some sort of disease? Can my other mice get it? Can i get it? If anyone knows please email me back asap. im very worried

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  • Geoff - 2012-08-29
    Looks like you have found the problem and you should probably put polysporin cream on it. ( small amount ) Mice are very strong and recover well. I have a female that had a scratching problem and treated for mites. She was so sick and was even in the family way at the time. I really did not expect her to survive at all. She had and nursed the babies ( 6 ) and recovered with damaged ears and missing fur that never really grew back there well. This was over 7 months ago. Loves to play and be funny. We call her Mummy Mouse. She looks a bit old now as she is about 15 months, but still having fun and going strong. Still beautiful in our eyes.
Anonymous - 2012-08-24
Can anyone help me right away my mouse has pulled out all his hair on his underbelly it appears something is hanging off him causing him great discomfort he was all bloody and it appears he can't move his right arm. I am at a loss as to why he would mutilate himself like this and don't know how to get him better. His name is Itty Bitty and he is so tiny please help me help him. I am on my knees begging someone one to please help me save him he is the world to me.

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  • baare beary - 2012-08-29
    I found the solution to my own problem with my little mouse and I hope this will help anyone who could not afford a vet. I crazily went to the pet store looking for something to help my little guy- who as above had some kind of condition. This is a miracle I found this and it was not in the mouse section of the store -Petco- but in the ferret section it's called Pet Solution first-aid support put out by Earth's Balance it is a spray with no harm to your little guy if it gets in their eyes or mouth-I applied it to my little guy and everything that bothered him has settled him down and he know longer is harming himself. He sleeps a lot but then again he was up a lot when he was hurting and he can't move one little hand because of what he did but he is slowly finding interest in the things he liked to do before. This is also could for little guys with glassy eyes. I hope it helps anyone who needs help. Again I am not a vet I just love my mice and will do anything and try anything in the world to save them.
Anonymous - 2012-08-26
My mouse kept scratching a lot last night. I didn't notice her scratching as much today but she keeps making loud squeaks like she's in pain or ill. She might not be ill, but I do worry about my mice when they do things like this. She also stays lying on top of the hay all the time, but she does still eat and everything. Is she ill? Can anyone please help me?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-08-26
    She might be allergic to hay - good chance.  I'd put her on bedding.  I prefer Carefresh as essentially shredded/wrapped paper/  No dust and never found anything alergic to paper.  Hay - many animals and people are.  Hay itches too.
  • Anonymous - 2012-08-27
    Ok thank you
Ananya Roy - 2012-08-13
I have 2 female mice of nearly 5 months old. They are normal and healthy but whenever I take them out of their cage they spray on me with a liquid which is not their pee. It seems odorless to me but both of them do this,every time i take them out and play with them. However they don't do this to other people when they handle it normal? i hope they aren't sick.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-08-15
    I am truly not a mouse expert but have had a few and my kids have had them.  I guess I would just stick to the way you were doing it and get sprayed cuz pooped, peed on and sprayed just isn't the answer.  Maybe a towel?  Food - they can eat anything you eat that is nutricious - now that makes sense.  Obviously a very little piece of potatoe chip has a lot of salt on it for a little guy.  So just think of their size -   As far as human food and I am not being funny or sarcastic here but whether in New York City, my back yard (where I feed everything from birds, coyotes and fox plus the mice and every garbage dump in the world - all those mice are surviving quite well on human cooked food - whatever it is.  I have a very tiny mouse in this house - loose and it has been loose now for some months.  He gets into the bird nuts and carries them through the bird room, through the kitchen and living room and puts them in my husbands shoes. I am not joking. He is in the garbage and will store that food and sometimes I think he has friends in for dinner (I am lying on that one but not quite sure).  So have fun - I am at least not getting sprayed on although I know it has slept with me cuz of the little poops I found when I woke up. 
  • Ananya Roy - 2012-08-15
    I tried it yesterday evening. They played with my hand as usual but as I waited for them to do the marking and spraying inside the cage,they got impatient, forced their way out of the cage, and smartly sprayed on me, in larger amount than usual and then, peed and pooped all over me. Before yesterday, they never peed or pooped outside their cage.I think they did it deliberately and this is a type of punishment to me for not letting them out quickly. Today, I did the usual thing and they sprayed the usual amount and now they are playing on the sofa, as I am writing this.So,I think it is better to stick to the usual routine, as I am not looking forward to be covered in mice pee and poop.!:D:D They are very naughty. They want to taste everything we eat. Is it safe to give them things like potato-chips,chocolates,sweets etc.?few days ago I gave them cooked soya beans and they ate it very eagerly. Many say that cooked food can cause indigestion and baldness in furry animals like mice and they are not supposed to eat oily food but whenever they smell these things,they jump up and down and look beseechingly at us,just to have a bite, and that makes me so sad.I need an expert's advice,so please help!
  • Charlie Roche - 2012-08-13
    It is normal.  A little more unusual for females (sure you don't have males?).  Anyway they are just marking their territory and claiming ownership.  What you can try (and maybe it will work) is while they are in their cage just put your hand in and play with them for a few minutes.  let them mark your hand or an area in the cage and then take them out.  Sometimes that works.
linmast - 2012-08-04
We just adopted a mouse from a Humane League booth at the pet store. He came with a cage and wheel and other items, but it felt sticky and had a strange odor, so I took him out and thoroughly cleaned every item in the cage. I replaced the bedding with the Petco paper bedding and didn't put in any of the items that seemed to retain the odor. What I've discovered is that the mouse himself is putting off this odor. I used a slightly damp washcloth to wipe him down but he still smells bad. I was hoping that a 24 hours in new, clean environment might help purge whatever might have been in his system to cause this odor, but no luck so far. Any ideas?

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  • baare beary - 2012-08-07
    Little boy mice smell, I had one that passed in May and have just rescued 8 more little mice- all boys- I found that it is best to put up with the smell, if you can, for a week then clean the cage and scrub it good, but leave the wheel and toys unwashed for another week, then do a complete cleaning of everything in the cage and be sure to put everything back in its spot. It is my experience, that once they realize that no one is going to take their things they don't mark their territory as much. There will always be a little smell, but not strong at all and nothing a room freshener can't handle. I don't know if that it will work for you, but I have 8 little blessings. One so cruelly kept at Pet Smart in a plastic shoe box in the back room with no wheel or water bottle- just a bowl of water and a half of a piece a plastic bed he chewed on- If I didn't ask if they had any in the back that no one wanted he would still be there - he doesn't even know how to use the wheel - His name is Whisky and Rummy, Cowee, Itty Bitty, Little Mouse, Blacky, Spooky, and Windy keep him company now.
Anna - 2012-08-01
My female fancy mouse which is about 4 months old is bleeding from both ears. I thought she was over scratching at first, but I'm not sure if it's actually just blood coming from within the ears. What can it be?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-08-02
    Could be mites or a parasite in the ear in which case the ears need to be cleaned out.  They would also cause scratching cuz they itch. You can purchase a solution to clean out her ears at a pet stored.  Just be very gentle and use a piece of wash clotch or if you use a q tip - be very careful.   Could be an ear infection and then she 'scratched' her ears because they hurt.  In this case, she will most likely need antibiotics.  Sometimes they have tetracycline at pet stores or you can go to Drs Foster and smith (online).  Could be hemorage and you would need to take her to a vet to determine that and I don't think ther is really anything that can be done for that.  Hoepfully it is just mites or a parasite and the cleaning will fix the situation.  Good luck. 
Anonymous - 2012-07-09
Found one of my mice dead just tonight. She had a long and happy life (nearly 2 and she died in her sleep, wasn't ill) I have one mouse on her own now and she seems to be looking for her. I want to get a new mouse but she fights with other mice (apart from the one I lost tonight.) Should I try replacing her again and when is the best time to do this? In a couple of weeks? Sooner? I'm also worried because I'm going away this weekend (Friday to Sunday) will she be ok on her own for that long? Should I be worried about her for these two reasons? Please help, would really like some advice!

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-07-09
    I wouldn't get another mouse until you return home and yes, I think your current mouse will be fine with you gone - it's just a couple of days.  So when you get back, you can get another mouse, if you want, but make sure you introduce them on neutral territory.  Bathroom floor is good or bathtub - anything where they can get to know each other without getting lost.  As they are getting to know each other, clean and re-arrange the current 'safe place' or cage or tank (whatever) so the current mouse doesn't feel so territorial.  She will miss the other mouse but she should be fine.
  • Anonymous - 2012-07-10
    Ok thank you very much!!
Imogen - 2012-06-22
Just last night I found one of my mice Poppy had a wound near her nose, just below her eye. This has obviously happened recently but what is it and is there anything I can do to make it better? She also scratches quite a lot too and I'm worried about her. Is it a skin condition? Please help, don't like seeing my cute little mouse suffer.

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  • Baare Beary - 2012-06-26
    This happened to my little guy Mouse, over a year ago. I couldn't afford to take my little guy to a vet so I read somewhere on the internet that you can give him Tetracycline, I got the powder, not the pills and I put a little in his water. I gave him very little not even half the envelope, I am not a vet and I didn't want to kill the little guy, so only use a little and watch him, in 24 hours my little guy was back to normal. He was fine for months and then he scratched the little mark again and it started over so I just did the same and in 24 hours he was ok. I know its for fish but I was desperate to help him and he lived for 20 months and I lost him in May. I hope I can give your little guy some relieve. I am not a vet but this might help anyone who might be going through this, and can't afford a vet.
  • Baare Beary - 2012-06-26
    Sorry I meant to say your little girl.
  • Imogen - 2012-06-27
    Thank you! Sorry for losing your little guy in May, it's really sad to lose a pet. One of my other mice I had before this one that I lost last year had a skin condition and was much worse than this and bleeding. In the end I had to put her to sleep at the vet because she was in so much pain and suffering-so I'm worried about my little girl a lot right now. I don't want the same to happen to her. It's really small at the moment and not anywhere near as bad, still active and everything but it might get worse. Your experience helped me, I might try that. Thanks again! Wasn't expecting a reply as good as that
  • Baare Beary - 2012-06-27
    Please try it. I never expected him to pull through and was shocked that he was back on his wheel running like a lunatic within a day. I totally expected that I was going to loose him. He was my first mouse and I knew next to nothing when he got sick. It is a wonder drug for little mouse's even though it's for fish. I haven't gotten my new mice yet. Although almost 2 months Mouse is gone, I think I will get many. Mouse had six tanks, 8 wheels and lots of toys, I always felt bad that he was all alone because they say you can't put males together and I didn't want to breed mice. He was a happy little fellow. I just wish he didn't leave me. He was my little boy.
  • Imogen - 2012-06-29
    I'm really sorry about your little boy. I'll try my best with it thank you aww x
  • Anonymous - 2012-06-29
    if the wound gets worse then see a vet, if not the best thing you can do is keep a close eye on her and see if she's still active and everything. Monitor the cut to see if it gets worse. If it does go to a vet if it doesn't then it's fine. Hope your mouse Poppy is okay =] xx
  • Imogen - 2012-06-29
    Thank you I will
Shelby Pumasaurus Gross - 2012-06-28
Do pregnant mice drink a lot of water? I tried putting apples and some wet veggies in the cage, but she ignores them. It may just be me, but she seems to drink a LOT of water and I did all the checks for symptoms of dehydration and she isn't showing any of them besides the thirst.