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   Mice continue to be one of the most popular "pocket pets", a term used with small pets that will fit into your pocket! 
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maddy - 2007-06-27
I just bought a mouse yesterday. It's so cute! I named it Peanut. I think a mouse is one of the best small animals ever. I've had hamsters, but mice are much better!

x.J.x - 2007-06-26
My pet mouse had 11 babies yesterday, there are now only 6 left. It's so sad and i dont know what to do, i hate leaving her to kill them but i know i have to leave her alone. :-( x.J.x

Taylor Oss - 2007-06-21
I have two pet mice, one is a girl and the other is a boy. The girl is pregnant so soon I will have thousands of them. They like to keep each other company and when ever i go and play with them they are always cuddled up together, so I bought them a little bed and they always sleep in it. They pull my curtain in and put it over themselves.

Rebecca Lyons - 2007-06-10
I love my mice! My husband and I were so jealous of my Aunts saltwater aquarium and the hours we spent staring into it. We were at a flea market and bought 2 baby mice. We watch them for hours on end. They are sooo much better then a fish tank. Everyday we talk about what our boys are doing and what funny thing they had done today. We have named them Spunky and Flower and we have fallen in love with them. My husband is always buying them toys and I catch him talking to them all the time. They bring a lot of joy into our house.

Stacy - 2007-06-09
My mice are so cute. I have two of them that I got yesterday. Their names are Daisy and Hana. Hana means smelly in Japan. They love going on their wheel, it's there favorite hobby!

michelle - 2007-06-05
I am completely baffled on how anyone in this world could ever fear a mouse. Over the years with all the little "friends" that I rescued, they have all brought so much delight into my life. All of the mice that I have gotten (no matter how old or timid they were) they all quickly broke out of the shells once they realized that they were going to be spoiled rotten. They all have such heart-warming personalities. If they're not in their "Mouse Mansion", they follow me around, climb into my purse (and hope for a car ride to a friends house), snuggle up to me or one of my docile cats... -One even used to flatten out her full-grown body out through the teenie-tiny bars of her cage to come over to see me because she demanded attention. That was pretty bad, I'll admit. But she just didn't understand how I could be inside my room without letting her out to say hello! :)
I will always love mice and try to get everyone around me to understand that they are not horrifying beasts that are out for blood. They are little friends that are out for a piece of leftover pasta from the night before. :)

shirley - 2007-06-04
We started out with 4 rats: Cake, Ice Cream, Ashley, & Dumbo for our daughter who wanted her own pet. We recently added 7 mice to the family. 6 females: Spot, Stripe, Oreo, Cookie, Fudge, Buttercup & the one male, Snow. Unfortunately we loss Buttercup to old age, (she was given to us by a family who no longer wanted her around). We bred all 5 females. Stripe had 3 babies 2 weeks ago and Fudge had 8 a week ago. We are expecting Oreo and Spot to have their babies any time now. My favorite, Cookie has become sick, showing signs of dehydration and is breathing heavy. We also believe she is pregnant. We don't have a vet around that takes care of rodents so I'm doing what I can for her. I don't think she is going to make it though. It is so fun to watch our daughter holding all the mice on her shoulder. We love them all and they really do make great first pets for kids as long as the child is old enough to care for them and be careful with them. We even have a photo album for all of our pets.

Nicki - 2007-06-03
I love my little mouse Lucy- I only have one but she is the most beautiful mouse ever. She brings me so much joy and I am happy she wasn't doomed to the short life of being snake food. I love her and try to take care of her as best I can. She's so wonderful and makes me so happy because she's so cute!

Carolyn - 2007-06-01
I love mice, they make the best pets, I have 33 of them now and keep them mostly in big aquariams I've bought at yard sales, that's the best place to get tanks, just watch the paper. I have a wide range of kinds, like Pintos and a Silky, plus I have a chocotate fox who was born with no ears, isn't that weird? 2 months ago I bought a Pinto and she had 11 babies, and I managed to keep 5 of them, the rest went back to the pet store. Now I just try to buy older mice from stores where they're not being taken care of, so I can give them a good life...

Lexie - 2007-05-31
I have one pet mouse named Charlie. I got him a couple of weeks ago and i love him! He is not even scared of my cat.