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   Mice continue to be one of the most popular "pocket pets", a term used with small pets that will fit into your pocket! 
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Katrina - 2007-08-22
my sister and i are planning to get mice for chrismas, we are excited and hope they will be a great experance

Faniel - 2007-08-19
Just yesterday, I got a white female mouse. I named her Snowball. She's very happy. Soon I might enter her into a mouse race. I'm so glad I got her.

N.L.N - 2007-08-16
i just got 2 cute mice, i traded my quails for them! i love them!

molly - 2007-08-11
I just got my first mouse today. I have been looking to get a small critter for about a year, and I have been looking up things on mice, gerbals, and hamsters. Mice seemed the most easy going, and sweet.

Hannah - 2007-08-08
I just got my first mice yesterday! They are the sweetest. There are 4 of them. Bellatrix, Lou-Lou, Ziggy, and Jo-Lee. They are some of the best pets I have ever had. I hope to give my mice the best possible life. This site was really helpful.

kaela - 2007-08-02
I rescued a pet mouse from an animal hospital, where some one decided to drop him off. He is ADORABLE!! He is very tame and loves to be held. His name is Maxamillian and he is so entertaining. Best pet ever.

Monica - 2007-08-01
I got 2 female mice a couple weeks ago, they are so cute. One is Mocha and the other is Latai. Me and my friend are breeding them and selling there babies. Any way mice are a great pets. I watch them for hours on end.

madelyn - 2007-07-31
hi, me and my friend found a live gray mouse in her trash can and we kept it. we are taking very good care of it

Rebecca. D - 2007-07-30
I absolutely love mice. I origionally had two mice, supposedly two girls, but one was a boy and so the first litter came about. One cage grew to two, then three, and then four. I loved all of them the same ^-^ Now I have 26 mice in total and a new litter has just been born. They live in my shed, which has basically been turned into a mouse paradise, hehe. They have their own air conditioner for winter and summer (and vents to keep the smell of the males at bay :P) and have tubing running all around the walls on the inside.I even added a small green house to grow some vegies for them ^-^ It took forever to build it all but it was fantastic in the end. :) My two original mice died in the past year, one from a tumour (which couldn't be fixed unfortunately) and one from old age +RIP+
Over all great little companions, even if they poop alot :P hehe

kayleigh - 2007-07-27
I got my mouse when I was 13 and i felt like i had nothing to live for. So my aunt got me a mouse and then told me to come over. i saw a mouse and i named him oreo because he was black and white.