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   Mice continue to be one of the most popular "pocket pets", a term used with small pets that will fit into your pocket! 
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AJ Oatsvall - 2007-10-24
I used to have pet mice when I was in high school. It's been four years since I graduated and now I have pet mice again. I have a black and white female (M

Anonymous - 2007-10-21
Female mice don't always get along with other mice. I had a female fancy mouse and a young feeder mouse (eyes open but very small) and the older female killed it, even thought the people at the pet store said there would be no problems. I guess I'm just saying be careful, because even though I watched them interact for over an hour, I checked the next day and my baby had been killed.

Heather - 2007-10-21
I have two female mice, they are both albino. Ones name is Frenchy and the other is Charlie. One is so active she stays on the wheel all day and night and the other is the opposite! They are still in the stage of being in the unknown but I have still kept handling them, even though they don't want me to. Hopefully they love me!

Briana - 2007-10-21
I got all my mice a month ago and i love them all to pieces. Right now one of my females named spot is giving birth and its so exciting! I planned on her having some but if you don't want a lot of mice, dont buy both sexes. It's not smart, but if you do then great. It's an awesome experience and i can't wait until she has had her first one!

tracey - 2007-09-24
I got my mice August 28, 2007 and the brown one [cupcake]is very friendly and not that active. I think she might be sick cuzz she had poop stuck in her butt for a little bit. The other one is sugar [white one] and i think she's to active lol. She has diarrhea ALOT but i really dont feel like sorting out all the fresh foods.

carol - 2007-09-23
I found even more specific information about caring for pet mice at , you might want to add it to your site? Keep up the good work!

sparky - 2007-09-23
I got two mice, Kutcha and Whitey. I love them to pieces and am starting to teach them tricks. Kutcha and her pal, Whitey, now have an awesome part homemade toy! It is several tunnels connected so it makes an O shape. the top of two tunnels is removed and a cat toy bell thing is put inside. Whitey spent hours headbutting the bell!

Natasha Bradly - 2007-09-22
I got a mouse a week ago and its name is Isabla. My twin siter Natalie got one too. We came home and we saw them mating, we are expecting babies soon! :)

Bailey Davis - 2007-09-10
I have a pet mouse named Patches! I got her today, she's so adorible and loveable! She has a spot on her left ear and a spot on(over) her right eye. Soon she will have a playmate and then she'll mate! :)

Cole - 2007-08-25
I have kept several mice over the years and I find the more time spent with them the more you learn about their particular personality. Our pet mouse, Adamantius does not like mouse wheels at all, he goes a lap, seems to realize it's not going anywhere, and gets back off. He doesn't live in a cage, instead we keep im on a vinyl coated card table atop the corner coffee table. He looks over the edge and has never made any attempt to jump. He is very voicetrous if his food gets remotely low and comes out when he smells dinner. We usually share whatever we are having, he seems to have a thing for mild curries.